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Bird Mania 3D





Bird Mania 3D 


There are some games out there that just take off. Bird Mania 3D is the perfect example. This $1.99 downloadable Nintendo 3DS title is one of the most addicting games I have played all year long. It is fresh, fun, and engaging. We have a bird that we control, and we collect things like balloons and stars. The more we collect the higher our score. That goes on to a high score tracking board.

Bird Mania 3D has a crisp, clean, bright, and colorful look to it. The bird is cute. The violence the ESRB mentions comes in two forms. First off we can dash into the other flying creatures. We can also crash into trees. Crashing into trees brings us down into the ground. Dashing through the other flying creatures harms them and gives us double points for a few seconds. If you hit a bird. Bees do not give that bonus.

As of the time I wrote this review my scores (ffg) completely dominated the top ten of the top fifty high scores. I found a few of the bonus features in Bird Mania 3D and used them to my high score advantage. I am sure that at some point there will be players who will dominate my high scores. In other words its time for them to bring it.

The music in Bird Mania 3D is part of the reason this hand held video game is so addicting. I have that repetitive song going through my head, and it makes we want to try and beat my own high score. Which I did quite frequently. The special effect fit the theme of this game. The 3D visual effects look nice, and also enhance this game.

The controls in Bird Mania 3D are quick, smooth, and extremely efficient. I really love being able to control my character at all times. Which puts Bird Mania 3D above Jetpack Joyride in my book. The various achievements will encourage players to replay Bird Mania 3D. The game play is set up to encourage players to replay.

I would love to see this concept improved upon. Bird Mania 3D is a great game. I think for power ups, additional birds, and goals - this Nintendo 3DS game could become legendary. I learned to collect stars and stay in the air thanks to Bird Mania 3D. I also found out that things slow down when storms come my way.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 98%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 87%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Teyon Games
‘E' - Everyone
{Mild Fantasy Violence}

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