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Is AquaSpace a video game? I am not sure. It is a downloadable product on the Wii for 600 Wii Points. We can use our Miis in part of the game. We can take control of a fish or a Mii and swim around a tank. But is AquaSpace actually a video game? It is a hybrid of an aquarium and an encyclopedia. AquaSpace includes interesting information on a variety of fish.

Another way of thinking of AquaSpace is it an Endless Ocean without the sea, all the activities, and being outdoors. Where the focus of the product is the aquarium. I learned a lot of useful information thanks to AquaSpace. I did not realize there were that many different kinds of fish that are used in aquariums. Nor did I realize they were bred for certain traits.

The music in AquaSpace is fantastic. I love hearing that piano background music. Back in the day some of the music in AquaSpace may have fit under the elevator music genre. It is soothing, and can help ease away the stress. The really cool thing about AquaSpace is we can enjoy it without getting wet.

AquaSpace did not impress me graphically until I got to swim with a fish. That was really neat. Seeing the Miis in wetsuits was a neat little treat as well. The fish look good in AquaSpace, and they animate in a realistic fashion. The Miis looked a little out of place, but they swim around masterfully in my opinion.

There is a fair amount of reading in AquaSpace. This is only if you go to the encyclopedia and want to learn about the fish. The same learning can be earned inside the tanks looking at the fish. When it comes to game play there is not a lot to do in this six dollar downloadable game. But then think about that price. Think about how much information is in this Wii product.

AquaSpace is all about the learning. The focus is directed at the various fish. Whereas AquaSpace may not duplicate an aquarium perfectly, it does replace books on the topic. It was a pleasure for me to explore and review AquaSpace. I would love to see this concept fleshed out in sequels in the coming years.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 88%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Gameplay: 76%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Wii
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'E'
- Everyone

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