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3D Mahjongg




3D Mahjongg 


I love Mahjong games. Something about matching the tiles is a relaxing exercise for me. So when I heard about the first Mahjong game on the Nintendo 3DS I was interested. My hubby was kind enough to do all the leg work, and I got to play the hand held little game.

3D Mahjongg looks nice, especially in 3D. There are a variety of unlockable tiles players can earn. I am not so big on a few of them, but I was content with the majority. The 3D effects made me feel all woozy so I spent most of my time with it off. Paul checked out the 3D and was impressed.

The music in 3D Mahjongg is amazing. I enjoyed listening to it as I was trying to match the tiles. There are two areas I can see that 3D Mahjongg could be improved. One is the lack of a hint. It would be nice after not moving for a few minutes for the game to highlight two tiles. The other is the lack of a shuffle. When there are no moves then it is game over.

3D Mahjongg is default in the River Mode. I suggest families go into the options and read the differences between the Classic Mode and River Mode. You will not regret a short education to decide which fits your personal game play style better. I went with classic because it is just easier for me.

In adventure mode players go through two hundred levels. That means 3D Mahjongg is worth the selling price easily. Free play mode is where families can play the levels with some modifications to things like the background graphics, and tiles. These have to be unlocked in adventure mode though.

All in all I found 3D Mahjongg to be a very pleasurable experience. It is a fun little game on the Nintendo 3DS, and I am very pleased to see it. It helps expand the Nintendo 3DS library, and it makes the system mode inclusive. I would like to see sequels from Joindots GmbH, especially if they include a hint system, and a shuffle (maybe allow it in an easy mode).
- Yolanda


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 92%
Replay/Extras: 98%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Joindots GmbH
ating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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