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Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort





Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort 


It is time to get back into the Virtual City franchise with Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort from G5 Entertainment. This time management game has some twists on the Personal Computer (PC) and Macintosh (MAC).The cool thing is Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort is a very casual game. Transport goods and people to where they want to go. Apparently the people in Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort can't figure out how to get anywhere without mass transit.

I am very impressed with the visuals in Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort. The level of the detail of the various items in Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort is impressive. The people are a little small,but that was okay with me. Since the executable that was downloaded was over two hundred meg I expected Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort to look pretty good. There are various environments in this game that families can enjoy.

Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort does an incredible job educating the player how to play this game. The tutorial in this Personal Computer game is top notch. The situations it presents are generally solvable only one way. I will get into that more in just a New York minute. The music in Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort is pleasant, and the special effect sounds fit the theme of this game.

This game includes fifty-two Challenging Levels in four Settings, twenty-nine Distinct Mission Scenarios, seventy-three Types of Buildings, forty-two Types of Goods to Transport and Trade, twelve Production Chains to Master, ninety-eight Special Achievements to Earn, and forty-five Upgrades and Buildings to Unlock. That is a fair amount of content for the price you will pay.

I love the concept of Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort. I do not like how the missions are generally only solvable one way. I also did not like how a goal was met like a happiness goal, but then it could be lost. In essence all the goals have to be met at the same time. Unless it is something like transport ten people somewhere. That would close and lock down. Others would not lock. This was frustrating when I was doing everything I could think of to make the people happy.

I learned to take care of others with service thanks to Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort. In fact anyone interested in the service industry could play Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort to help them comprehend the mentality. It is not easy to please customers sometimes, and that is something else I learned from Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort. I would like to see sequels especially if multiple paths to success are easier to achieve.
 - Mark


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 76%
Family Friendly Factor: 83%
System: Personal Comuter/MAC
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
ESRB Rating:
‘NR’ - Not Rated

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