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When we were offered a download code for Vertigo, I was so hoping it was a Playstation 3/Playstation Portable game. Alas it is on the Playstation Portable only. Well technically that is not true. Vertigo is also on the Wii, and the Personal Computer. So this marble rolling game gets around. And yes I meant to use that pun. Players must navigate through some insane mazes at insane heights to try and get to the goal. Falling down results in an explosion for your marble. Or is it ball? Or is it an orb? Round thing okay?

The graphics are way better on the PSP than I was expecting. The balls animate nicely, and I noticed some nice little touches throughout the game. I accidentally bounced off this building(that was low to the ground) and noticed it had details. Little touches like this get noticed. I had trouble a few times figuring out where to go next. Thankfully there were signs telling me, but I have to admit I was not sure they could be trusted at first.

The music is bumping, and thumping in Vertigo. I really enjoyed this high energy kind of sound track. Not everyone will be into this techno sound. There is only one special effect sound in Vertigo that bothered me. That was falling to my poor little marble's demise. Actually the falling did not bother me as much as the landing. The menu sounds fit the theme of this game masterfully.

Vertigo includes fifty-four levels to roll through. That may seem light at first, until you roll through the levels and the multiple check points. I was amazed at how long some of these levels are. I also noticed the learning curve goes up pretty fast. Hardcore gamers will love Vertigo because it gets extremely challenging. I believe there are unlimited continues since I had to replay sections over and over again. I did eventually get it right, and make it through.

The controls in Vertigo are pretty good. There are some special items that allow for boosting, and air braking. The key to Vertigo is learning when to go full tilt, and when to take it slow. I found myself frustrated in some parts of this game, and loving it through other parts. Overall Vertigo is a fun experience and it makes me yearn for more marble styled video games.

I hope this franchise receives sequels. Vertigo is a great game for those wanting a challenge. Families can learn the physics of how a ball rolls, and gravity. Yes gravity is a cruel mistress, and Vertigo teaches that lesson quite well. There are so few marble based games that it is a little maddening. I am grateful that Icon Games Entertainment published this game, and that I was able to review it.
- Paul


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 87%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 89%
System: Playstation Portable/Wii/PC
Publisher: Icon Games Entertainment
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Fantasy Violence}

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