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Vanguard II





Vanguard II 


Downloadable games have given some companies new life. SNK had some problems a few years ago which is a shame because they have a nice stable of games that long time gamers reminiscent about. Thanks to SNK Playmore USA Corp you young whipper snappers can see what we grandpa gamers have been talking about. You may also think our grip on reality is a little off. Just remember we have played video games for decades, and this is where you will be some day. Unless you learn from us.

Vanguard II is a shooting game that goes away from the original. In fact I did some research and checked with our illustrious leader on the original. Vanguard II has players fly around an area and destroy stuff. This is not a side scrolling shooter like the original. Which in my opinion is a shame because if they had stuck to the original formula this sequel would have done better.

In some regards the graphics remind me of Zaxxon. There is not a 3D effect but Vanguard II tries to give the player depth. I know the Playstation Generation, and Wii Generation will say: "try harder." But the designers, developers, producers, and programmers were pushing the envelope of technology at that time. Remember Vanguard II is an older game. Playing Vanguard II is like taking a time warp - without the parachute pants.

The explosions in Vanguard II become redundant after awhile. Some of the graphics can be hard to differentiate in Vanguard II too. The music is okay for the era, but the instructions are fantastic. I knew when I had completed an objective. I am not thrilled with the controls in Vanguard II. Players can shoot what is at their level and then bomb what is on the ground. An indicator shows where something can be bombed. Hitting targets is very frustrating. So is trying to turn around when missing something. Expect to miss over and over again in Vanguard II.

The concepts behind Vanguard II are interesting. I liked the idea of lining up for a bombing run. Having no air support is a bit of a bummer though. The application of the ideas was ahead of its time, and the technology. I also wondered why there were ships constantly coming after me. I could not clear out an area and then go about my business. Which leaves the player only one way of playing Vanguard II.


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 73%
Replay/Extras: 73%
Gameplay: 66%
Family Friendly Factor: 72%
System: Playstation 3/PSP
Publisher: SNK Playmore USA Corp
ESRB Rating: 'E' - Everyone
{Mild Fantasy Violence}

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