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Twister Mania


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Twister Mania 


Many years ago our family watched Youtube videos on a Japanese game show that is entitled Hole in the Wall. There are actually more than one. A friend told me that there is an American version of the show. When I saw Twister Mania at E3 2011, I immediately thought of Hole in the Wall. I also thought that this had the potential to be a huge hit.

We are in the middle of the huge Christmas blitz - which means tons of games are flowing through Family Friendly Gaming. Business has picked up, and in a big way. I have already had some late nights. Some sweaty game sessions - thanks to Kinect. With that said Twister Mania still stands up in a crowd and demands attention. This game is that good.

There are three different modes in Twister Mania with sixteen ways to play. Contorting our bodies into the shapes on the screen is not only funny, but also a good way to expend energy. Ya'll know me, I love exercise games. Twister Mania is part exercise game, and part pattern/shape recognition. Ever thought about how to get your body in the shape of certain letters of the alphabet? Play Twister Mania and you will.

Twister Mania is completely awesome with colors. This home console video game is loud and proud. I absolutely love it when a game is not afraid to use a lot of colors. If you are trying to avoid the pillars then you want those colors. White means you are going to crashing through. Don't worry because it will only hurt your score. Which is a nice thing about Twister Mania. You will not physically have pillars hit you.

The menu screens are one of the most interesting and innovative I have seen in some time. Stand up straight (like a pillar), walk over to the menu selection. At that point a circle will surround your on screen shadow. Then raise your right arm to make the selection and wait for the bar to build. This is so simple that I am surprised no one else has tried it before. It works perfectly as well.

Up to eight players can enjoy Twister Mania (by rotating four teams of two), which is a party in this little purple box. Okay so its a case, but you know what I mean. Some of the best fun in Twister Mania is having two people try to make the same shape - like a heart. Which is important to note - only two family members can be in front of the Kinect sensor at a time.

The biggest thing that Twister Mania taught me is that my body can twist into certain shapes. I was honestly not even aware it could go certain ways. The pictures Twister Mania took of me playing is absolutely hilarious. Family members get a laugh looking at those pictures. Well at least until it is their turn.

Twister Mania earns the rarely given Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval. I hope to see sequels to this game in the future. Twister Mania is going to become one of the big games this Christmas. Which also denotes the Xbox 360 Kinect is another big thing Christmas 2011. Majesco Entertainment mixing with Hasbro has brought us an instant legend. Don't believe me? Go and play Twister Mania.
- Paul


Graphics: 95%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 94%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: Xbox 360 (Kinect)
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
ating: 'E'
- Everyone

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