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Trine 2 


Trine was one of those games that caught our eye. This game is beautiful graphically. So when I first heard about Trine 2, I watched it closely. Trine had some issues, and we made our millions of readers aware of them in the review. The look of Trine 2 is also very beautiful. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a code for the Xbox 360 version of this home console game. It is also on the PS3 and PC.

The Trine is some magical item that recruits the three heroes to stop a great evil. There is a magician, a knight, and a thief. The thief in Trine 2 likes to be called an entrepreneur. Which reminded me of a gangster wanting to be called a businessman. Players can swap between the three at any time in a level. This is done because different characters have different skills. Certain skills are needed to get past specific areas.

The puzzle elements of Trine 2 are very involved. I enjoyed solving how to get to the next area. Others helped me along the way. At times the game would say something that would trigger an idea. Other times those around me would make a suggestion. This is about half of Trine 2. The other half is the combat. Players can hack and slash through the enemies. Although in some areas you can just run away from them without any penalty.

The level of detail, and animation in Trine 2 is astounding. This is one of the best looking games I have played all year long. The environments are alive. This is a 2D side scrolling game so I can guess it did not take as much work as trying to create in 3D. I can still appreciate the level of effort. The violence is broken up in Trine 2 which helps because it gets boring. Honestly I spent most of the time fighting with the knight.

The voice acting in Trine 2 is stellar. I loved hearing the voices while they talked about this fantasy quest. The characters have a sense of humor as well. They obey the calling, but it is clear that not all of them are thrilled about it. Or with some acts of certain other characters. Since Trine 2 is a downloadable game, you can expect to pay less for it. I do feel there is enough bonus content to warrant the cost of this game.

Trine 2 does an honorable job of training the player. It explains with screen images what buttons to press to perform the needed action in specific areas. I was able to quickly pick up the game. This also helped the game flow at a good pace. Certain puzzles can be frustrating in Trine 2. I was able to progress but it did take multiple attempts.

I love the cooperative aspect of Trine 2. The characters are all needed to progress through the game. They do use violence to get through areas. Some of the characters in Trine 2 are more gruff than others. I am so glad a sequel was made to Trine. I hope they continue this franchise.
 - Paul


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 69%
Replay/Extras: 71%
Gameplay: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 63%
System: PS3/PC/Xbox 360
Publisher: Atlus
ating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence}

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