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The Adventures of Shuggy 


The Adventures of Shuggy is the most diverse puzzle game I have ever played on the Xbox 360. This downloadable game has the player using different skills in different levels. One level requires the player rotate the screen to get around. Another level requires multiple versions of the characters. Still another uses time travel. All of this may sound strange at first, but it really fits the flow of this game. I never got bored because I never knew what was coming in the next level.

The graphics in The Adventures of Shuggy are a little small. I feel like I am on House Hunters or something. But its true. I had trouble finding my character in some levels. The tone of the graphics is on the dark side. There are also goblins, ghosts, zombies, and ghouls in The Adventures of Shuggy. The main character is sort of a vampire bat looking creature. The comic book style cut scenes look better than the main levels.

The music fits the mood of this game. I however am not that fond of this mood. So the music in The Adventures of Shuggy did not do much for me. I did enjoy the special effect sounds of collecting gems. The sounds for opening new doors also appealed to me. Shuggy inherited a haunted castle. I am not clear how collecting gems cleanses the rooms.

There are one hundred single player levels in The Adventures of Shuggy. There are thirty-six multi-player levels. That is right this puzzle game allow for more than one person to play. Online mode will interest the competitive gamers. Families get a lot of levels for the 800 Microsoft points (editor: translates to around ten US dollars). We were provided a downloadable copy of The Adventures of Shuggy on the Xbox 360.

I really appreciate the unique nature to the shifting play styles in The Adventures of Shuggy. It keeps this game fresh. Too often developers come up with a game play concept, and you play that for one hundred levels. At the end you are sick and tired of how it plays. The Adventures of Shuggy constantly had me on my toes. I was learning in each and every single level how to play it.

When Shuggy hits spikes he explodes like glass. I do not equate that to animated blood personally. But that may be perspective. The Adventures of Shuggy teaches family members to think in different ways to solve problems. The whole ghoulish story back drop does nothing to enhance this game. I could have done without it. The game play is fun, and stands on its own. I would like to see sequels to this style of game play in the coming years.
- Frank


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 93%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Xbox 360
Publisher: Valcon Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Animated Blood, Comic Mischief}

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