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Star Fox 64 3D 


A certain someone was kind enough to let me borrow their Nintendo 3DS so I could review Star Fox 64 3D. I can think of few games that fit the 3D concept better than Star Fox 64. This makes me think there are plenty of other Nintendo 64 games that should make the transition to the Nintendo 3DS. Star Fox 64 3D is a shooter. That means you are in an aircraft (for most levels) flying around and shooting the enemies. They explode and then vanish after being vanquished.

The 3D effects in Star Fox 64 3D are amazing. It fits this franchise stunningly. The characters and vehicles have an added layer of polish and shine to them in Star Fox 64 3D. I am very impressed with how the graphics look. Star Fox 64 3D is a shooting game so you spend most of your time blowing up stuff. Not everything is destructible though. Seasoned veterans know which sounds to listen for to make that determination.

I really liked the different voices in Star Fox 64 3D. I will admit they got annoying in later levels - especially Slippy. I would go and save him, and just as I went back to destroying the tower, he needed to be saved again. I felt like he was constantly getting himself in trouble. Trouble that I had to get him out of, or listen to him whine about. It does make this hand held game easier to keep the characters alive. The music in Star Fox 64 3D has the quality of a big screen movie.

You know what I love about Nintendo? They make games that every skill level can play. Star Fox 64 3D is a classic example of this. Novice gamers can make it to the end boss in the easy mode. Hardcore gamers will scratch and claw their way through the hard mode. Star Fox 64 3D can be played in both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 64 modes. If that were not enough there is a four player battle mode thanks to download play. And you can see the expressions of your friends and family as they experience your lasers.

Star Fox 64 3D is wise in starting the player in some quick training levels. There are numerous controls in Star Fox 64 3D that will help you survive the aerial battles (note: there are ground based levels).  The gyro-controls are the most interesting to me. They utilize the tools of the Nintendo 3DS to offer the player a new experience. I personally preferred the standard controls. I am more comfortable and familiar with them. If you forget the controls you can redo a training level at any time for a refresher course.

Star Fox is on a mission to save the universe from the evil Andross. As far as I can tell we are generally blowing up robots with our ships. There are some monkey bosses who leave after you destroy their robots. The animal characters in Star Fox 64 3D are fighting for their freedom. I am generally more lenient on a game that has such a theme. There is no blood or gore in Star Fox 64 3D.
- Frank


Graphics: 67%
Sound: 71%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 72%
Family Friendly Factor: 64%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'E10+
' - Everyone 10+
{Fantasy Violence}

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