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Speedball 2 Evolution





Speedball 2 Evolution 


When I first heard about Speedball 2 Evolution I was concerned it would be too violent. I knew vaguely of the franchise, but could not remember a lot about it. After praying I had a peace about playing and reviewing this Playstation Mini (meaning it is on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable). The strangest thing about this game is the last part of the title. I expect hundreds of emails asking us where the Creation or Intelligent Design game titles are.

This is a futuristic sports game with all kinds of strange rules. For example you can score a goal for ten points. There are also certain bumpers that will provide the player two points. Stars on the side will also provide two points. A bonus is scored if you get all of them. A player can be knocked out of a game for points as well. Players are knocked out by being tackled.

The over head viewpoint of Speedball 2 Evolution works great for this game. In fact I wish more games would use this camera angle. It has been one of my favorites for years. There are some mild animations at the start of the game that looks fantastic. The tackling in Speedball 2 Evolution is at the level of a football game, and the players in this game wear protective gear. Injured players are carted off the field. This animation can be skipped if you want to get right back into the action.

The music in Speedball 2 Evolution is very energetic. I enjoyed the excitement of this futuristic sporting event. The best sound to hear in Speedball 2 Evolution is scoring a goal. Although it can be easier to get points from the other locales. The different teams in Speedball 2 Evolution have a different feel to them. Some of the same strategies can be employed though.

I feel the price of Speedball 2 Evolution is fantastic. In some ways this PS Minis feels like an older game. But that is fine with me. There are 336 individual players on twenty-eight teams. Each player has attributes that can be upgraded. Six Speedball arenas on four different planets. Speedball 2 Evolution has a lot of replay value to it for the $6.99 price.

The game play to Speedball 2 Evolution is where it really shines. There are so many ways to score points. You can go for small scores very frequently or go for big scores less frequently. Speedball 2 Evolution has so many different ways to score that even if you are way behind you can make a come back. The same is true if you are way ahead. I learned to never relax while playing Speedball 2 Evolution.

Speedball 2 Evolution feels like a real sport even though it is a fantasy one. The violence is in the perform of tackling. Most of the time this looked like soccer sliding into another player and knocking them down. The E10+ is an appropriate rating for PSP Minis game. I learned different strategies thanks to this game. I also learned that the more aggressive I was the better I did.

I would love to see sequels to Speedball 2 in the future. This franchise has a lot of promise, and potential. It could be something really big in complete and total 3D on the major home consoles. It was really cool for me to be able to play and review Speedball 2 Evolution on the PS3/PSP. I am keeping my eye on Vivid Games.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 93%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Playstation 3/PSP
Publisher: Tower Studios
ESRB Rating:
‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Fantasy Violence}

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