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Sega Rally Online Arcade 


I dropped nearly everything when I heard we had a code for Sega Rally Online Arcade on the Xbox 360. The Sega Rally franchise has been a great one in the arcades. I was very excited to start my engines with this franchise again. After patiently waiting for the game to download I was ready to play. One of the things to bear in mind with Sega Rally Online Arcade is it only costs 800 points. So we are talking around ten dollars.

The thing that sticks out about Sega Rally Online Arcade is the graphics. WOW! This game is stunning. There are so many details in so many areas. The mud and water splash up on the vehicles. Oh and the vehicles. They look marvelous. The only weird thing is the vehicles do not fish tail. Well they do, but the camera stays straight on with the vehicle. So the track does the wiggling. It took me a few races to get used to that effect. The environments in Sega Rally Online Arcade are diverse and fun to race through.

The racing action in Sega Rally Online Arcade fits the theme of the game. I enjoyed the engine sounds while I was playing. There is a very helpful voice which tells you what kind of turn is coming up. Well normally he is helpful. At times he says things that threw me for a loop. Like: "medium right turn, maybe." Excuse me? What is this maybe? And then it hit me. I was going to be kissing a wall. Thankfully Sega Rally Online Arcade is very kind to players when they connect with the edge of the playing field.

There is a lot of content for the price. There are not a lot of tracks, but there are various modes, and vehicles. Some of them are sweeter looking than others. Sega Rally Online Arcade is an arcade style game so do not expect to be tweaking the vehicles. This is the kind of a game you play when you just want to get racing - fast. I feel this game is worth the price.

More tracks would have been nice in Sega Rally Online Arcade. There are enough online modes to keep most Xbox 360 gamers happy for a few months. It would not surprise me to see Sega release additional tracks in the future. I had fun playing Sega Rally Online Arcade as did everyone who played with me. This game is very kind to entry level players, and hardcore gamers will want to try and find the perfect racing line.

The most important lesson that Sega Rally Online Arcade taught me is to listen to instructions. It told me a hairpin turn to the left one time, and I prepared for a turn to the right. Yes I heard the game properly. I was not listening properly though. This is all on me, and it was a wonderful illustration of the lesson. Most games are too important to help the player in this manner. Sega Rally Online Arcade comes down to our level, and is not ashamed or embarrassed. I would like to see this franchise continue in the future.
- Frank


Graphics: 94%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: Xbox 360/Playstation 3
Publisher: Sega
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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