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Puffle Launch 


There are games that we hear about here at Family Friendly Gaming that do not impress us. When I heard about Puffle Launch I was not impressed. In fact I almost yawned when I heard of another Club Penguin game. I also thought the platform of the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad would not be able to handle any Club Penguin game worth its salt. Then I realized that Puffle Launch was like a subset of the franchise. Or a spin-off. All of these made me think Puffle Launch would be an average to below average game.

I was wrong. I am man enough to admit it. I am secure enough in who God made me to acknowledge my mistakes. I started playing Puffle Launch with preconceived ideas that were off base. Puffle Launch is one of the most entertaining apps I have played in a long time. Launching puffles through different cannons, and collecting coins in awesome.

The visuals in Puffle Launch are crisp, clean, clear, and full of vibrant colors. Puffle Launch is safe for all ages of the family. The little movie scenes in Puffle Launch are cool and add to the depth of the polish and shine. Some of the graphics can be small but nothing was really that bad in my opinion. The speed of the animation hits levels close to Sonic the Hedgehog.

The music in Puffle Launch ROCKS! I honestly can not believe I am saying it, but it is true. The music in Puffle Launch is fantastic. I got excited about playing this game. Which for me (and the thousands of games I have played) does not happen all the time. I like music in a lot of games, but the music in Puffle Launch really stands out. The special effect sounds fit the theme and bring something to the table. I enjoyed collecting the rings (or coins) in this app.

There are twenty-four levels in Puffle Launch. You can also challenge the Crab boss, and then play the levels in three different modes. This app only costs ninety-nine cents. The quality of Puffle Launch is what stands out. I feel that Puffle Launch is worth the price. I have not played a game like this in some time. I have played levels of games that use this concept, but Puffle Launch expands it in ways I could never have imagined.

The controls in Puffle Launch are simple. Tap the screen when you want to be shot out of a cannon. Not a problem. Well until you have to move left and right while playing. Again the controls are kept simple. Touch left to go left, and right to go err right. That is not the best part of Puffle Launch though. The level design is amazingly intelligent. I had to think about how to make it through certain areas. Puffle Launch comes close to being a puzzle game in this regard.

Timing is the most important lesson in Puffle Launch. I had to learn to time when I released. I also learned how to move myself in the air to make it to my next destination. I found no violence in Puffle Launch whatsoever. If you fall, you splash into the water and the game restarts you at your next continue. I really appreciate Disney Mobile publishing Puffle Launch. This is a great app for families looking for some fun.

Disney connected Puffle Launch to their Club Penguins online game. The coins collected in Puffle Launch can be transferred to the bigger game. This is a nice little feature for families that have an account there, and this app. I would love to see sequels to Puffle Launch in the future. This would be a great port to the Nintendo 3DS and/or Playstation Vita.
- Paul


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 94%
Replay/Extras: 92%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 91%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Disney Mobile
Rating: '4+' - 4+

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