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Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour





Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour 


Left Behind Games or LB Games for short has taken over the Christian video game development. This is good in some ways, and scary in others. If they falter then they take a lot of the Christian games with them. Will there be room for more Christian games or less? Time will tell. Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour is essentially Heavenly Harmony re-packaged with some much needed upgrades. This is a Personal Computer (PC) game only. Which leads to some issues. I promise I will discuss that later in this review.

I am not clear why 32 megs are needed on the video card to display these graphics. I have played Wii games that look better, and I am pretty sure it is not that powerful. Thankfully the male and female singers are safe for the entire family. The background graphics exhibit presentation, and there are twelve diverse locales. The singers animate, but did not seem different from song to song. Players are given options to adjust the backgrounds to their liking.

Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour shines in the audio department. There are a lot of amazing songs. I like how Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour separates them out into different sections. Want to sing a gospel song, then just click on the gospel button. Feel like something Contemporary? Then click on that button. There is an all if you want to go through all the songs. There are forty songs in this game, and half of them are Christmas songs. There will be additional song packs to download in the future. I do not know the price at this time.

Four family members can enjoy Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour at the same time. Of course you will need enough microphones. One came in the package Family Friendly Gaming was provided for this review. The better you do in a song the more you can unlock. The characters have a wardrobe of unlockable clothing, as well as the locations. Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour also allows players to record themselves and share with their friends.

I am not a fan of PC games. They always give me problems, and I am not the only one. I had issues during installation and after. The game lost contact with the microphone and told me to shut down the program, and plug the microphone back in. I had problems hitting the notes in Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour. I have played secular music games and they are so much more forgiving on the easy settings. Their lyrical content is their problem. Thankfully this game has great lyrics.

I really want this franchise to succeed. I believe it needs to make it to the home consoles. I would also like to see the voice recognition be more forgiving on the easier settings. Praise Champion Karaoke World Tour could be a major hit, and it is completely safe for families. I learned to be patient while it installed. The musical training mini games are cool, and can teach players more about music. Many of the songs teach about God.
- Shirley


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 100%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 98%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: LB Games
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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