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Power Rangers Samurai





Power Rangers Samurai 


The Power Rangers are getting old. They keep re-inventing themselves in new ways. The latest iteration is Power Rangers Samurai. Namco Bandai has published a game based on the kids show. This is an E10+ rated game so make sure kids under ten are not playing Power Rangers Samurai. The WMG will go into reasons in this review.

Visually speaking there are samurai symbols that the player fills by moving the Wii Remote in specific directions. The character models look realistic, and there are realistic images from the television show. The game play levels look decent. The enemy character models are re-used over and over again. Power Rangers Samurai contains heavy violent content. Players are stuck in areas where they must defeat all of the enemies before progressing. The enemies are generally easy until you reach the boss. Then expect a challenge.

The voices from the show are used, and they have an enthusiasm about being a Power Rangers Samurai. Their lives consist of training, fighting, and well that is about it. At least that is how it seems to this reviewer. The music is rockish and kids in the target range enjoy it. Adults can enjoy it as well, because this one did. The consistent repeating of their phrases will get on your nerves. As well as reading: "Now Loading" right in the middle of a level - more than once.

Levels have one main path the player can go on. There are side paths where hidden items like discs can be found. But they dead end at some point. So the player needs to back track to find the correct path to move one. The game play consists of quickly running to the next fight zone. Hack and slash the enemies that appear, and run to the next area. There are variations like having to jump up and hit certain enemies in the air.

The characters in Power Rangers Samurai control very quickly. There is an issue though. Trying to run around a boss and hit him in the back does not always work. Why not? Well at times the character being played will start to swing away from the bad guy. This is frustrating beyond words. Other times the boss would get hit from behind but was blocking in the front. Other times trying to hit him at the same time he hit the main character proved to be fruitless. Since only the playable character seemed to take any damage.

Two family members can play Power Rangers Samurai. This is very handy in areas like boss battles. The major lessons in Power Rangers Samurai is to stop the evil invading inter-dimensional monsters. Do that by fighting them. And we have to defeat them twice. Once in regular size, and then when they are huge.

This reviewer is perplexed by a few things from Power Rangers Samurai. Why do the bad guys send one to three enemies at a time to defeat a Power Rangers Samurai? Why not send the whole army in at once? If you can go to a mega size and stomp a city, why not start with that? Why fight small, and then when defeated go big? Go big from the start.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Gameplay: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%
System: Wii
Publisher: Namco Bandai
‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Fantasy Violence, Comic Mischief}

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