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Pokemon Rumble Blast  


You know some of the things we complain about right? Especially when it comes to a Pokemon game. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon franchise for example is too slow. Well Nintendo has definitely listened with the Pokemon Rumble Blast hand held game on the Nintendo 3DS. This game picks up the pace. At times it can be a little dizzying.

If you have played the Pokemon Rumble WiiWare game then you know what to expect from Pokemon Rumble Blast. These little wind up toy versions of Pokemon battle to become the champion. They fight until the last man is standing. Or last Pokemon is standing. So you start on that path, only to find there are some bad Pokemon stealing the glow water from different towns. That water is what we use to heal our Pokemon up.

The 3D effects in Pokemon Rumble Blast are fantastic. I love how this game looks. There are various dungeons that include different Pokemon. The fighting is generally over pretty quickly. Especially if you are aggressive with the attacks. The defeated Pokemon leave money behind or a little toy of themselves. If they leave a toy then you can befriend them. They instantly become part of your party.

The characters in Pokemon Rumble Blast have a Mii look to them. This shines brightly in the beginning of the game. The majority of the characters in Pokemon Rumble Blast are Pokemon creatures. The attacks are very diverse in this 3DS game, and have different looking visual effects. Players are given many choices as to what attacks and Pokemon to use. You can only die three times in a level, but can swap in most areas (Battle Arenas being the main exception).

One thing Pokemon has always been fantastic about is the sounds. The music is fun to listen to, and the majority of the dialogue is about how to get better. Even when I lost at something, the game was telling me what to do to win next time. I really appreciate that because it alleviates frustration. The diverse creatures in Pokemon Rumble Blast make various sounds. Some are better than others.

Where to start with the replay value of Pokemon Rumble Blast? There are over six hundred toy Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble Blast. You will never collect them all in one go through of a level. So you will replay levels over and over again. The boss creatures can be attained at times. I replayed certain levels just trying to see if I would get a more powerful Pokemon. Then there is multi-player, and StreetPass modes.

I have had some long nights already playing Pokemon Rumble Blast. This is a game that will require multiple re-charges of the Nintendo 3DS. If you are okay with Pokemon, then your money will be well spent on Pokemon Rumble Blast.

The game play can get boring in Pokemon Rumble Blast. I am really sorry to have to say that. Battling the same levels over and over again trying to get something new can become monotonous. Not knowing how to get some of the better characters is another area. I understand that Pokemon games are about exploring and finding out for yourself. But at times I do not mind a helping hand, or someone guiding me to the correct answer.

As I collected more Pokemon, I found I had to keep swapping main characters. Why? Well you get a stronger one, or one with a better attack. The down side to this is I never really emotionally bonded with any of them. After awhile I felt like I was just looking for the next more powerful Pokemon. The next level would definitely contain one. Or more than one.

There are a couple of lessons in Pokemon Rumble Blast. The first is to get them before they get you. The other one is to stop those trying to do evil. You will have to go to great lengths, but with will, determination, and drive you can succeed. Parents should pay close attention the Ten years and older label on Pokemon Rumble Blast. I would not recommend this for kids under ten no matter how much they beg you.

Pokemon Rumble Blast is a pick and play Nintendo 3DS game. The levels are short so they can be beaten quickly. This works wonderfully on the hand held. I recommend letting duplicate Pokemon of lower levels go when you get back to town after playing a level. It was a pleasure for me to be able to play and review Pokemon Rumble Blast.
 - Paul


Graphics: 71%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 62%
Family Friendly Factor: 64%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
ating: 'E10+'
- Everyone 10+
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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