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NASCAR The Game 2011 NASCAR The Game 2011 


It has been 2008 since the last console version of NASCAR. I remember playing NASCAR on the original PlayStation all those years ago. So I was really exited when I got the chance to play NASCAR The Game 2011 from Activision. It was great to see the sport in High Definition with such detailed car and track models. Developer Eutechnyx did a fantastic job of providing great racing simulation for NASCAR fans. There is a lot to like about NASCAR The Game 2011, but some minor glitches and design flaws keep it from being a truly great game.

What does make NASCAR The Game 2011 exciting and worth coming back to is the close proximity racing. On the smaller tracks, or in packs on the larger ones, the game is down right thrilling. Trying to stick the corner while keeping your position is fun and easy to do all at the same time. The controls are basic and well designed, so even the novice gamers can pick it up and have some fun on the easy settings. As with NASCAR itself, once you get away from the pack or have mechanical issues, it can be a long and grueling day on the longer race track. This may turn off some gamers, but true NASCAR fans and gamers know and understand that sometimes just finishing (regardless of position) is important – no matter how lonely the track may feel.

Graphical speaking, Eutechnyx really delivered in terms of realistic car and track models. Each venue is almost picture perfect to its real life counter part. The driver models and animations did not come across as polished though, which took a little away from the overall presentation. Menus and selection screens were bright and colorful. I did notice, however, that the driver selection menu for split screen, multiplayer racing was small and very difficult to read – even from a reasonable distance. I would like to the same type of driver interface used for both single and multiplayer.

The game offers career, online multiplayer, single player arcade and local multiplayer. The online multiplayer is limited to 16 racers. The career mode will be the favorite of most NASCAR fans, and it does an adequate job of representing the grind involved in the sport.

OOne of the issues that presented themselves in the game was the in-car crewmember providing minute-by-minute feedback and encouragement. At times the feedback was late. But more often than not it simply grew tiresome due to the repetitiveness. Hopefully more lines can be added in future installments of NASCAR The Game. Also troublesome was the in race wrecks with an inconsistent yellow flag. I once spun out of control into the grass and the yellow was issued. I later tried a night race at Bristol and started a wreck intentional that lead to two cars upside down and over 20 cars in the wake of my destruction – but no yellow flag. I simply turned around and lapped the other cars before they could get back in the race.

Again, I am excited about having a NASCAR console game return. Activision and Eutechnyx set the foundation for a solid franchise. I look for some of the more glaring issues with NASCAR The Game 2011 to be corrected for next year’s installment. Parents can discuss teamwork and revenge when playing NASCAR The Game 2011. Revenge comes into play when you are deciding to react to the driver that just spun you out. Is it worth returning the favor and risking getting yourself in a wreck? One thing is for sure; NASCAR The Game 2011 is definitely worth it for racing and NASCAR fans.
- Alan


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%
System: Xbox 360/Playstation 3
Publisher: Activision
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Language}

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