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Medal of HonorMedal of Honor 


Medal of Honor is a FPS (First Person Shooter) developed for EA by Danger Close and DICE. For years the focus on FPS War titles was WWI and WWII, but in recent years developers have been incorporating present day themes. Medal of Honor is one such title from EA in late 2010. Were they successful in their attempt to capture a modern combat storyline while maintaining their successful run in FPS gameplay development?

EA basically created two separate games in Medal of Honor. Single player campaign was developed by Danger Close and runs on the Unreal Engine. It was easy to jump right in and pick up the controls. Whereas EA chose DICE to develop the Multiplayer mode of the game. DICE used their own gameplay engine and therefore the Multiplayer modes play completely different. There is a chance that the game may appeal to both online gamers and those die-hard single player campaign fans. However, the inconsistency in the two modes may turn some off.

The story in Medal of Honor follows Special Ops soldiers in Afghanistan where some very intense fighting has actually taken place in recent conflicts. The plot of the single player campaign follows the Special Ops team and Tier 1 operatives as they fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan and out of touch Commanding officers back in the States. Unfortunately the developers did little to develop the characters so the story comes across as dull and uninteresting more often than not.

The scenery in Medal of Honor looks absolutely gorgeous. Danger Close did an outstanding job in depicting the various environments the soldiers experience in the Afghanistan conflict. Player models look great and weapons are clearly and precisely designed. While playing through the single player campaign the enemy AI seems too scripted. Taliban fighters will repetitively do the same maneuvers until you get the necessary shot fired correctly. There is little challenge in the combat due to the lack of variety in the AI combat functionality.

While Medal of Honor is a decent FPS title in terms of gameplay and graphical presentation, it will not be nor it intended to be a Family Friendly title. The content in Medal of Honor is intended for an adult only audience, and parents should heed the rating for Medal of Honor and steer clear of it for their kids. Due to the realistic and graphic nature of Medal of Honor, there is constant blood, cursing, violence and very graphic presentation of soldiers being killed. Many times I looked at the bodies of the fallen enemies to find heads and limbs missing.

Medal of Honor is for adults that are fans of FPS titles and can handle content containing war themes. EA did an adequate job of putting together a modern FPS in Medal of Honor, but due to the inconsistencies in the two modes and lack of character development it may be hard for it to compete with other big selling franchises. In addition, the content will keep it from finding much footing among family friendly gamers.
- Alan


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 15%
System: PS3/PC/Xbox 360
Publisher: EA
‘M’ - Mature {Macabre/Morbid}
{Blood, Strong Language, Violence}

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