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MLB11 The Show


What do you do when you have the NUMBER ONE BASEBALL game? You could sit back and enjoy the success. You could give that beauty pageant wave, and sit in a car in a parade. Or you could make the game even better. Can you guess which one Sony Computer Entertainment decided to go with? If you picked the final answer then you are watching that baseball flying out of the park over The Green Monster, and you are the batter. Which is something I got to do a few times. And yes it felt pretty good.

The realism in the graphics of MLB 11 The Show is absolutely amazing. There are so many little details to the players, parks that make this game an experience. I have been to professional baseball parks before and Sony has got the feel of the parks down. The little motions of certain players is also duplicated. I found myself hitting well when I felt the right time to swing and the animations flowed with the pitch. The different camera angles highlight the stellar production value of MLB 11 The Show on the Playstation 3.

Announcers can make or break any sports game. The artificial intelligence of the announcers in MLB 11 The Show is fantastic. They flash back to a batters previous at bat if they hit a home run, started a rally or other such events. This is just like a real baseball game. They also give players hints on what they should try for. At times they made comments that made me rise to the challenge. Again the feel of this, and the production value proves hours were spent researching real baseball games. I noticed sounds in the background that I have heard at the ballpark.

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a reviewable copy of MLB 11 The Show on the Playstation 3. If not, I would be purchasing this game myself. MLB 11 The Show is worth the money. Two family members can enjoy this game at once, and there is enough content to keep the most obsessive gamer busy for the next year. MLB 11 The Show is approachable by all skill sets. If you want a challenge this game will provide it. If you need some help, then this game will provide that. Sony has gone the extra mile to make MLB 11 The Show inclusive to as many family members as possible.

MLB 11 The Show is Playstation Move compatible. If you want to get that experience. Personally I prefer to play this game with the normal controller. I appreciate how Sony provided that option. Players can compete online, enjoy the 3D experience, perform in the challenge of the week, Home Run Derby, Franchise, Season, Create Your Own Player, and of course go on the road to the Show. These are a small samples of the insane amount of content in MLB 11 The Show. See the mascots was a real treat for me.

The feel of MLB 11 The Show is baseball - pure and simple. It may sound strange but play a game or two and you will realize this is one intense baseball video game. You can choose to play a 14 game season or go for the 162 games. There are news paper highlights, rumors, trades, and more. If I listed all of the content, and every little detail to MLB 11 The Show, well MLB 12 The Show would be coming out. I really do not know how Sony does it, but they continue to improve an amazing franchise.

Families know they will be safe with MLB 11 The Show. There are ups and downs in games. I found that even on the easiest settings the computer is going to keep playing hard. But there is something so satisfying about getting strike out after strike out. Umpires have variances to their strike zones, and figuring that out is part of the fun of this game. Although I did get a little frustrated here and there. The king retains his crown in my opinion.

I do have one minor quibble with MLB 11 The Show. The autosave feature takes much longer than I believe it should. This is a little thing, but one that stuck out to me. I did like being able to save in the middle of a game and come back later. I am curious to see Sony make a football game again. I wonder what kind of innovations they could make, and if they could take Madden down.
- Frank


Graphics: 100%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: Playstation 3
Publisher: Sony
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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