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Left Behind 3 Rise of the Antichrist





Left Behind 3 Rise of the Antichrist 


LB Games provides gamers with the opportunity to experience the aftermath of the rapture first hand with Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist. This real-time strategy game puts players in control of the Tribulation Force whose goal is to resist the Antichrist and his forces of evil while winning lost souls for Christ.

Graphically speaking, Rise of the Antichrist is a bit lacking. The graphics look dated compared to other modern RTS games. Plagued by awkward camera angles and a poorly designed mini-map, the game can be frustrating to play until you get accustomed to its deficiencies. One feature I found enjoyable was the integration of video sequences into the game. These are like little movie clips that help to set the stage for the campaigns.

Left Behind 3 features a surprisingly good soundtrack. The music is powerful and fits the mood of the game, albeit a bit ominous. There are plenty of vocal sound effects to go around many of which promote a Christian world view and openly speak about God. Some of the voice acting is pretty bad, but it’s fortunately balanced out by some amusing comments by the game characters. Other sound effects can be difficult to hear or just plain annoying. Aside from the great music, Rise of the Antichrist doesn’t stand out with its audio content.

If you find that you enjoy Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist, you will also find that it offers plenty of replay value. Being an RTS game, there’s a certain amount of replay inherently available. As with any RTS game players have some flexibility in the strategic choices they make and how it affects the course of play. The single player campaigns included in the game are plentiful and will keep gamers busy for hours. Interestingly, LB Games has chosen to include 7 “Silver Version” download codes for players to share with their friends for free on-line gameplay. There are no on-line subscription fees to play making the game accessible to anyone who’s interested.

Rise of the Antichrist includes three tutorials to give players some much needed guidance when starting to learn the game. While veteran RTS players will likely be able to pick up on the gameplay mechanics relatively quickly, those new to this type of game will definitely need some guidance. I’ve played many RTS games over the years and I found Rise of the Antichrist to be one of the more complex ones to learn. There are a vast number of command icons along the bottom of the screen whose functions are difficult to discern at a glance, and it’s a bit overwhelming just looking at the cluttered layout. Once you finally get a grip on what is where and why it’s there, the commands work well to help you quickly navigate during gameplay. Fighting and death are a part of the game as well as sharing your faith and winning souls. Interestingly, players can also choose if they wish to play as the “good guys” or the “bad guys”. While this adds some diversity to the gameplay, parents may certainly take issue with their children playing on the side of the Antichrist.

To me this game seems a bit controversial in the Family Friendly arena. While I am a fan of the Left Behind book series, I find this an odd choice for a video game. I’ll admit that it is fun to be able to become part of the post-rapture world described in the books, but I’m not sure how constructive it is for gamers to take part in this type of game. The game is rated T for teen and certainly this is an appropriate rating. While there is no gory violence, characters will fight and die. Good guys and bad. The world is at war and everyone must choose a side. Parents will need to make an informed decision regarding this game and choose whether or not it is right for their family. On one hand teens may be able to glean some bit of encouragement in the area of sharing their faith with others. On the other hand, the game can almost make light of the reality of lost souls by having players “convert” neutral humans over to their side. While sharing the faith is most certainly well and good, in the game the motivation is to gain a strategic advantage by obtaining more workers for your side.  All players will have their own opinions and reactions to this type of game. Some may not find this game offensive in the least and simply enjoy the gameplay. Others may be uncomfortable with the way the Christian faith is used within.


Graphics: 73%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 81%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 84%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: LB Games
ESRB Rating: 'T' for Teen

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