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Kingdom Conquest 


Kingdom Conquest is a free app on the iPhone/iPod Touch from Sega. Yeah that Sega. I was surprised too. It is an MMO game where you build your kingdom in various ways. That is the real fun, and interesting part about Kingdom Conquest. The lame portion of the game involves going into dungeons and fighting monsters. Defeating them means you can enlist them in your monster army. They are what you use to go and capture neighboring territories. The more powerful the neighboring areas, the more powerful monsters you will need. There are factors that go in, as well as some luck, but that is the meat of Kingdom Conquest.

I love how the cities look in Kingdom Conquest, and being able to zoom in and admire the details of the various buildings. I am not so thrilled about the 3D hack and slash levels. I am not sure why they were included because they do not fit the theme of this game in my opinion. Dungeons are generally dark and dank, whereas the city areas are bright and colorful. The violence of fighting the monsters in dungeons gets old really fast. Thankfully it is broken up by managing the city and world maps.

The music in Kingdom Conquest is majestic. I felt like I was part of something epic as I played this app. The menu screen sounds are also good, and also fit the theme of this game masterfully. The one area of discomfort for me was the dungeon levels. The sounds there got monotonous so fast that I could not wait for them to be completed.

Did I mention Kingdom Conquest is free? Well it is. Certain things take time to complete so you will have to take breaks, unless you want to pay Sega money to speed up those processes. Being the patient sort of gamer, I would come back the next day. Upgrading things like your fields (for food), or producing monsters can take a fair amount of time. There is a wealth of content in Kingdom Conquest.

The city and world areas of Kingdom Conquest control masterfully. I ran into no issues there, and felt this is a perfect game in that regard. The controls in the dungeons are annoying at best. I ran into control issue after control issue there. This is one of the reasons I am not fond of that area of Kingdom Conquest. I wish there was another way to raise armies, and conquer lands.

The moral lesson in Kingdom Conquest is to conquer all those around you. This is done mainly through using monsters to destroy them. If you go into politics you will see this used quite often which is why they are so despised. I would like to see a sequel if the dungeons are removed. I had fun with the other parts of this game.
- Luke


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 77%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Sega
ESRB Rating: '9+' - 9+
{Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence, Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence}

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