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King of Fighters 94





King of Fighters 94 


King of Fighters '94 is an interesting downloadable game. Can you actually believe in the year of our Lord 2011 we are talking about downloading NEO GEO arcade games? We are not only talking about it, Family Friendly Gaming is reviewing them. King of Fighters '94 is a team based fighting game where players pick a team, and take on other teams. There are a couple of different modes in King of Fighters '94, but the core of this game is team battles. Players pick a team, and then the order the members of the team fight in. King of Fighters '94.

The characters in King of Fighters '94 look very realistic, and that is the biggest problem for this game. They are too realistic. This franchise is known for the bouncing of the chest of a certain female character. Men and women bash each others faces in, and the WMG worries about violence against women because of how King of Fighters '94 treats them. The attire of at least one female character is way over the line.

Those that enjoy the music of King of Fighters '94 can listen to it via the Sound Player. The meat of the special effect sounds are punching and kicking sounds. There are some language issues with King of Fighters '94, and there really did not have to be. There are a fair amount of characters to fight with in King of Fighters '94. The teams are all preset so we are not allowed to mix in match that fit our own styles. The WMG also believes the price of King of Fighters '94 is a little high. It has been a long time since this game was the height of technology.

The smoothness, and responsiveness of the fighters is very good in King of Fighters '94. The one complaint about this fighting game is the difficulty of the special powered attacks. The harder the setting, and more difficult this game is as well. Which is to be as expected, but when you need a special attack and don't get it - well that leads to frustration. The team concept is neat, and pulled off quite well in King of Fighters '94.

The main the lesson the WMG learned from King of Fighters '94 is to get them before they get you. And to keep getting them until they can no longer move. For some reason this lesson is not respected standing in those long lines at the store. This franchise continued on, and the WMG hopes at some point the sexual objectification of women was corrected. If not future games in this franchise need to mature.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 40%
Sound: 58%
Replay/Extras: 64%
Gameplay: 62%
Family Friendly Factor: 47%
System: Playstation 3/Playstation Portable/Wii
ESRB Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence}

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