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Just Dance Kids 2 Just Dance Kids 2 Just Dance Kids 2  


You know what makes my day? When Receivables tells me a game comes in. Not just any game though. When I find out it is a game we specifically asked a publisher to produce. Just Dance Kids 2 is one of those games. First we asked for a kid friendly version of Just Dance. Ubisoft provided with Just Dance Kids. Obviously that game did well because Just Dance Kids 2 is now on the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 as well as the Wii.

Ubisoft has targeted Just Dance Kids 2 even better than the first one. There are plenty of great kids songs in Just Dance Kids 2. Songs come from a variety sources including television shows. We found songs from the Wiggles, and Imagination Movers. There are even fun kids songs like Five Little Monkeys, and Its Bitsy Spider.

Real kids dance to the songs in Just Dance Kids 2. There is something precious about seeing children dance to safe music while they are following the moves of other children. The special effects in Just Dance Kids 2 are at a similar level to Just Dance 3. I notice a few moves that are sort of pelvic thrusts but not quite to the level of music videos.

I was looking for lyrical issues in Just Dance Kids 2, and found very few. Ubisoft did a fantastic job keeping Just Dance Kids 2 safe for children. They have improved in this area leaps and bounds from the original game. What about kids? What do they think? Well the children we had play Just Dance Kids 2 loved many of the songs in Just Dance Kids 2. They knew many of them, and enjoyed dancing to them.

There are over forty songs in Just Dance Kids 2. So expect kids to be kept busy for months thanks to Just Dance Kids 2. On top of that there are achievements that families can acquire. There is also songs in multiple languages. If you happen to purchase the Xbox 360 version then you can record your own dance moves. Beating that high score is one of the key reasons children replayed Just Dance Kids 2. Two players can compete at the same time. So Just Dance Kids 2 is a good way to spend some time with your children.

The difficulty in Just Dance Kids 2 ranges. Some of the moves are easy, and some are more challenging. Learning the dances is part of the fun of this game. I am not a fan of menu screens, but kids had no problems with them. To me they are a little small, and hovering over a song to hear it results in that song being brought up to play. Now you can be back easily, but I found that frustrating.

Just Dance Kids 2 is exercise in disguise. Please be careful playing this home console game. I woke up sore the next morning. Children can over do it as well. So keep any eye on that. The good news is you will shed pounds, and have a good time. We enjoy playing Just Dance Kids 2 as a family. We rotate people in and out, so tired family members can rest.

It was a real pleasure for me to be able to play and review Just Dance Kids 2 on the Xbox 360 Kinect. This game helps improve the image of the industry, and is a great way to get some exercise. Anyways Istanbul is calling, and I am required on the dance floor.
- Paul


Graphics: 93%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 97%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: Xbox 360 (Kinect)/Wii/PS3 (Move)
Publisher: Ubisoft
ating: 'E'
- Everyone

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