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Janes Zoo 


Time management games are becoming so popular they are about ready to become their very own genre. Jane's Zoo is the latest time management game from G5 Entertainment. Players take care of animals in their very own zoo. I had to laugh at the beginning of this iPhone/iPod Touch game because it complained about how we are destroying the planet. So let us take care of animals, and that will help with pollution. Never mind that animals also pollute the planet.

Graphically there are some bright colors in Jane's Zoo. Characters models, and the animal models are a little small, but they have some fun animations. Monkeys enjoy their trees. Each of the animals pollute their habitats, and the player gets the opportunity of cleaning it up. The comic book style of cut scenes look better and move the story along. Although caring for animals is all I really needed.

The music in fun in Jane's Zoo. The special effect sounds fit the theme of the game, and enhance it. Certain things like bathing the animals had some neat sounds that the entire family can relate to and enjoy. There is a light environmentalist undertone to the story in Jane's Zoo. Being from the Seattle/Tacoma area originally I have dealt with this before. So the lack of logic does not bother me. I just laugh at it. I bring it up in case it offends you.

Jane's Zoo is selling for $2.99 on the app store. We were provided a download code for this review. I suppose I have been spoiled by so many titles selling for $0.99, and sort of expect that price point. There are thirty-nine levels in Jane's Zoo, so I think the price is a little high. Jane's Zoo adds more content as the player progresses through the game, and upgrades can be purchased.

The eleven animals, and seven mini games will interest time management gamers. The main control scheme in Jane's Zoo is the touch screen. There is an aspect of this that made little to no sense to me. Touch the animal, then touch what they need, and then touch the animal again. This additional layer that I am not used to made things take longer. I did find at times I could touch the item, and then the animal. This did not always work though. Which led to some frustration.

I wonder if they could come up with a time management game that incorporated a church, and a pastor. Just a thought on the fly. Jane's Zoo is the most different time management game I have ever played. I had a few minor issues here and there with this game, but I appreciate the lesson in taking care of animals. Of course the animals in this app are very demanding. I appreciated being able to increase their patience levels. If I could just do that with other people I run across in life.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 78%
Family Friendly Factor: 81%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
ESRB Rating: '4+' for

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