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Jack of all Tribes 


Usually I get bored with time management games pretty quickly. That is not the case with Jack of All Tribes. Players build houses,food farms, lumber yards, and entertainment for villagers. They drop money as things are completed. There is also a story that goes along with this iPhone/iPod Touch video game. The player gets transported back in time and has to assist pre-civilization cultures. The story is interesting if a bit short in some spots.

The polish and shine in the graphics of Jack of All Tribes is phenomenal. The little characters animate exceptionally. Various environments look fantastic as do the various buildings. Certain thick headed bad guys will try to steal stuff, and light your buildings on fire. Players can tap them multiple times for a virtual hammer to whack them in the head. That is the extent of the violent content in this app.

Jack of All Tribes has some fun music, and is humorous in numerous places. It also has all kinds of odd things in it. There are comments about certain people needing to lay off certain berries. There is also conversation about fertility gods, fruit gods, etc. Various pagan cultures had really odd beliefs where they would worship all kinds of strange things. Jack of All Tribes brings this into the game as a part of its culture. I could have done without it.

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for Jack of All Tribes. I checked and currently the game is out there for free. There are enough levels, buildings, and trophies to warrant the price of a few dollars. The trophies in Jack of All Tribes are a really nice touch. I felt like I kept making progress every time I unlocked some new accomplishment. I feel that Jack of All Tribes is worth the time and money.

One of the greatest things about Jack of All Tribes is the time bar can end, and the game lets players complete the level. This is one of the reasons I kept playing this game. Some things can be hard to touch when they are too close to other things. The touch controls generally work good, but there are few times I was irritated. Overall Jack of All Tribes is a pleasant experience with an engaging story.

The villagers use a bar to relax. It looked like alcoholic drinks to me. Then there is the talk of all those strange deities. Some of the conversations are a little off color. I learned to help others, and build up towns. Jack of All Tribes had me tapping all over the place. The world in Jack of All Tribes is a fascinating one that expanded my definition of what a video game can be. I am thankful that I was able to play and review Jack of All Tribes on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 79%
Sound: 63%
Replay/Extras: 81%
Gameplay: 82%
Family Friendly Factor: 67%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
ESRB Rating: '4+' for 4+

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