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Grease on the Xbox 360 is two games in one. The first part of this Kinect game is the dancing. The second part of Grease is the karaoke. 505 Games allows us to sing and dance. This fits exquisitely. Most families should be familiar with Grease. If you are not, then let me explain. It is a movie based on the 1950s. Grease is the gel they put in their hair. This bad boy, and good girl had a summer romance. They wind up at the same high school for senior year. Their cliches cause them to not immediately get back together.

The downside to Grease is the sexual innuendo, as well as open comments. One character is mocked for staying true to marriage. Which is a real shame since she is doing the honorable, and appropriate thing. She is making the right choice, and being attacked for it. The guys generally care more about being cool than being respectful, kind, or decent.

The computer generated characters in Grease look similar to the ones in the movies. They wear similar attire to the characters in the movie. Their faces do not always match though. There are pelvic thrusts that players are expected to perform. This happens on more than one occasion, and matches the lyrics at that point in the songs.

You probably know a song or two from Grease. I know I did. Please keep the Teen rating in mind when playing Grease. If you don't you can expect children to ask you questions like: "what does Troy Donahue want to do?" The songs are very catchy, and I have to admit enjoyable. There are also issues with bad language in Grease.

Grease includes twenty songs that can be danced to, and sung to. The dance steps in Grease on the Xbox 360 look very familiar. I recognize some of them from the movie. Which makes this home console game the truest to the roots of the franchise. The downside to Grease is it is really only for the older members of the family. Eight people can enjoy Grease, and there are achievements that are unlocked.

In the beginning of Grease there are few songs unlocked. The more you play it, the more you will unlock. The three difficulty settings allow families to ease into this game. The hardest difficulty will help you shed a few pounds. I personally choose to avoid certain motions because I was not comfortable doing that.

I am surprised the ESRB missed the sexual references in Grease. Things like this are one of the reasons so many millions of families use our thousands of reviews. I do not agree with many of the lessons in Grease. Following these lessons has made our society one that is currently in moral decay. Grease can get people in the flesh and have fun for a season.
- Shirley


Graphics: 71%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 81%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%
System: Xbox 360
Publisher: 505 Games
‘T’ - Teen
{Lyrics, Tobacco Reference}

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