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Get Low


The cover of Get Low piqued my curiosity. Bill Murray and Robert Duvall are on the front cover. Sissy Spacek and Lucas Black join them in this unique film. Felix Bush (played by Robert Duvall) has been a hermit for forty years. He comes out of seclusion asking for a living funeral party. Yes I know those words do not normally go together. He invites everyone who has a story about him to come and tell it. He is also selling tickets to a drawing. The winner will get his 300 acres when he dies.

What we don't know at first is why Felix Bush has been a hermit. Why choose to imprison yourself away from every one else? The twists and turns of this plot draw the viewer in. I was riveted, and could not wait for Mr. Bush to finally tell his side of the story. What was this deep dark secret that made him decide to leave humanity?

The images in Get Low are from the past. Felix has a mule, and a cart. Other characters have automobiles, but they were in their infancy. The characters dress appropriately in all areas of the movie. There is one minor scuffle where violence does ensue. There are other violent acts eluded to, and an act we know of that was not shown. There is a beautiful old style church shown that is integral to the plot.

The music in Get Low helps the flow and fits masterfully. The song right at the end of the movie is awesome. Get Low gets its PG-13 rating for a reason. There are some scenes with profanity, and I had to be mindful of it. I did love the one scene where Bill Murray was being profane and the wife of another character was very put out with him for his language. That was a great touch in my opinion.

There is a real common thread in the bonus features of Get Low. That common thread is how long it took to get this movie created. Hollywood wanted young actors, super hero films, TV shows made into films, and others. They were not very interested in a good story that captivates the viewer. It is great to see Get Low make it out to we can enjoy it. It is also nice to see Hollywood wrong yet again. They have had egg on their face for so many years it is any wonder that they have any credibility left.

Some of my favorite special features are Cast & Crew QA, The Deep South Buried Secrets, and On the Red Carpet. There is also Commentary with Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Director Aaron Schneider, and Producer Dean Zanuck, A Screenwriter's Point of View, and Getting Low: Getting into Character.

The heart of Get Low is redemption, and forgiveness. I find it sad that someone would live forty years in their own prison because they could not let something go. I love the part where Felix Bush meets with a minister and asks if all those years was enough. The preacher told him plainly that no it wasn't. That is part of what makes Get Low so real. It is authentic and genuine. So many movies have pastors, preachers, and ministers that do not act like the real thing. The ones in Get Low act like the real thing.
- Paul


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 83%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: DVD
Publisher: Sony Pictures
ESRB Rating: 'PG-13' for Parents Strongly Cautioned
{for some thematic material and brief violent content}

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