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GI Joe Series 2 Season 1 


Ya'll know us here at Family Friendly Gaming. We are appreciative of how the Shout Factory is bringing back so many classic television shows. Their mission has been one that millions of families have benefited from. GI Joe Series 2 Season 1 is a classic example. This was a reboot for the GI Joe television show. The newer uniforms, and many newer characters were brought into the mix.

Sgt. Slaughter is one of my personal favorite characters. He plays a prominent role in many of the episodes in GI Joe Series 2 Season 1. Cobra Commander is still a snake, and Serpentor carts him around. But that does not last too long as Cobra Commander is brought back to a more human form. Things get interesting at that point.

I remember when I was younger there were places that counted how many acts of violence were in GI Joe. They counted every single laser blast, and every single explosion. I don't do that. I look at the overall picture. Every single good guy and bad guy are shown jumping free and parachuting away. If they crash land they are shown alive after wards. No one dies in GI Joe Series 2 Season 1. They all live to fight another day.

You can decide for yourself how you feel about that. I took courage in the fact the characters were not being killed off. I liked how GI Joe Series 2 Season 1 preserves human life. Yes I know these are cartoon characters. Sgt. Slaughter is a real person. He voices his own character which is a real treat for people like me.

Speaking of character voices, I noticed Duke's voice was changed. He is not in many episodes with lines but I still noticed it. Cobra Commander continues to do a good job. Serpentor is okay, but winds up gone in Operation Dragonfire. I can understand that it would be difficult to have two main bad characters.

As an adult I could predict where the storylines were going in GI Joe Series 2 Season 1. Cobra comes up with a brilliant plot to take over the world, and GI Joe stops them in the end. There were a few twists here and there. BIOK was an interesting episode. I noticed many of the episodes in GI Joe Series 2 Season 1 were meant to be humorous. It was obvious that different writers were involved with different episodes.

GI Joe Series 2 Season 1 teaches a variety of lessons. GI Joe is all about honor, and country. They are on a mission to stop evil from taking control. Cobra is all about selfish goals and gains. In my personal opinion many of the corporations in America act like Cobra. There are plenty of examples of CEOs and politicians who follow the same path.
- Paul


Graphics: 66%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%
System: DVD
Publisher: Shout Factory
ating: ‘G’ - General Audiences

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