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Frogger 3D 


We are fans of frogs here at Family Friendly Gaming. We have enjoyed Kermit the Frog for years. One of our kids even had a pet frog for some time. He loves frogs, as his many stuffed animals prove. So when we got an opportunity to review Frogger 3D on the Nintendo 3DS we were beside ourselves with excitement. I personally know the long history Frogger has had in the video game industry.

This game is the first time Frogger has made it into 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. Konami did this entrance right. They added some new twists to Frogger 3D that family members seven years and older will enjoy. Why seven years and older? The 3D effects. Now a child under that age can play it, just make sure to keep the 3D effects off and monitor them closely.

Frogger 3D has the most interesting start of a video game I have ever seen. The game starts on an old arcade machine. All of the old graphics and sounds are present. Players must make it to the other side (one time only). Once that is done then the real game starts. The 3D effects in Frogger 3D are amazing. I am confident you will agree the first time the frog gets knocked into the screen. He cracks the screen some when this happens as well(editor: this is a simulation, your machines screen will not really crack).

The sounds in Frogger 3D are very rockish. What Frogger game would be complete without the hopping sounds? Frogger 3D includes those sounds as well. There are audio warning when certain things are about ready to happen - like a semi truck charging down a road. I felt bad every single time the frog got run over or launched into the screen.

Frogger 3D includes sixty challenging levels in various worlds. Space, New York, and the Far East are some of the most memorable worlds in this hand held title. Up to four players can Frogger 3D in Local Play where each player has a game cartridge and Nintendo 3DS machine. There is also a versus play in the Street Pass. I feel that Frogger 3D is worth the price of admission.

Family members can enjoy the classic arcade mode, or go on a world tour in Frogger 3D. I am extremely impressed with almost every area of Frogger 3D. The controls are workable, but I would have have liked some touch screen controls, and analog stick controls. Using the D-pad and the buttons are fine, but at times they felt a little slower. As opposed to other games that utilize the previously mentioned control schemes.

I appreciate some of the interesting innovations in Frogger 3D. Climbing crates, and jumping on the back of friends are some neat little innovations that I do not recall in previous Frogger titles. I like how the goal moves around the level in Frogger 3D. I had to plan how to get to certain spots which I appreciated. The coolest thing about Frogger 3D is the 3D effects though.

The most important lesson Frogger 3D taught me is to avoid cars in traffic. I also learned that if I blew out enough tires of a semi I could get it to stop. I still wonder what that driver was doing. Was he just a frog hater or something? There are some fun achievements players can find in Frogger 3D. You can do something good or something bad and receive them.
- Paul


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 77%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Konami
ating: 'E
' - Everyone
{Animated Blood, Cartoon Violence}

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