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Family Game Night 4 The Game ShowFamily Game Night 4 The Game ShowFamily Game Night 4 The Game Show 


If you make it to the fourth game in a franchise you must be doing something right. The partnership between EA and Hasbro has spawned more than four games though. There have been other games like Monopoly Streets that families have embraced. Game Night 4 The Game Show contains Connect 4 Basketball, Scrabble Flash, Bop it! Boptagon, Sorry Sliders, and Yahtzee Bowling.

Family Friendly Gaming was provided the Xbox 360 version of this game which can be played with the Kinect Sensor. Please note the Kinect Sensor is not mandatory to enjoy this home console video game. The only game in Game Night 4 The Game Show that I had previously played is Sorry Sliders. I am familiar with Connect 4, just not a Basketball version of it. Although it makes a lot of sense.

All of the games in Game Night 4 The Game Show are super sized. The pieces for Sorry Sliders for example are larger than the Xbox 360 Avatars. Oh, didn't I mention that already? Well you play with your Avatars. Well two family members at a time at least. The games look fantastic. I saw no violent content in Game Night 4 The Game Show. Sorry Sliders pieces will knock each other around, and the Yahtzee pins will get knocked over by the bowling ball.

Mr Potato Head continues to host this franchise. He does a great job in the game show portion of Game Night 4 The Game Show. He made it quite a bit of fun. The music in Game Night 4 The Game Show got me pumped to go and play some of these digital representations of board games. Plus Game Night 4 The Game Show costs a lot less than buying all of these board games. And things like Connect 4 Basketball are a little too big for most living rooms.

I can see families replaying Game Night 4 The Game Show for months. And then bringing it out of the closet to play again when they feel like playing some more. The five games in Game Night 4 The Game Show are all a lot of fun. I personally put Connect 4 Basketball, and Sorry Sliders at the top. Scrabble Flash can be frustrating if you are not in a cerebral mood. Bop it! Boptagon is like an odd Simon Says, and Yahtzee Bowling can take some getting used to. It almost sounded like Poker in how it graded the numbers attained.

We ran into a few small issues with Game Night 4 The Game Show. This stemmed from the Kinect. Game Night 4 The Game Show shows the player what to do, but it seemed a wee bit sensitive in terms of not recognizing where people were standing. Game Night 4 The Game Show can be played with the controller. The feel is not the same though.

The issues we ran into were generally minor, but did lead to some mild frustration. There are so many achievements to unlock, and good games. In my opinion the few minor problems we ran into are heavily outweighed by the good. Game Night 4 The Game Show is a fun game that two families can enjoy at the same time.

Thanks to Game Night 4 The Game Show I learned what three games are that I had never been exposed to before. EA is definitely doing something right to continue this brand. They are starting to run out of games though. There are a few more I can think of that they could put into a fifth iteration of this franchise. Until then families can check out Game Night 4 The Game Show. Connect 4 Basketball will eat up hours - trust me.  It is that much fun.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 81%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: Wii/Xbox 360/PS3
Publisher: EA
ating: 'E'
- Everyone

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