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Everybody Dance  


Everybody Dance is the latest dance game exclusively on the Playstation 3. This home console game needs the Playstation Move. The camera (Playstation Eye) sees the player and the Playstation Motion Controller. If you have played any dance games in the past you will catch on quickly. If not, let me explain just a little bit. Dancers on the screen will perform certain actions. Players have to duplicate the moves in their living rooms. The closer you are to the motion the higher your score will be.

The visuals in Everybody Dance are very intriguing. The music video for the song is playing on one side at an angle and the dancer is on the right. Sony did not stop there though. There are all kinds of visual effects. The game will also show the player dancing at times. There is so much going on visually that I found myself distracted. Thankfully many of the dance moves are repeated.

You probably noticed the rating, and are concerned about how children are excluded from Everybody Dance. There is sexual content in Everybody Dance. In terms of gyrations and attire. Most of this comes from the music videos. To be honest I could have done without them. Dancers will also do certain gyrations that you will not want your own kids doing.

Everybody Dance contains the most eclectic grouping of forty songs I have seen in a dance game. There are no Christian songs in Everybody Dance. It would have been great for at least one Christian song to have been included. Everybody Dance does seem a little heavy on the R & B. There is even a Barry White song in this PS3 game. Elton John, Diana Ross, Billy Idol, and more make appearances.

For years we have encouraged our readers to check out the lyrics of the songs contained in dance games. Everybody Dance is no exception. The ESRB listed Lyrics as one of the descriptors for a reason. They are a variety of concepts taught in the songs contained within Everybody Dance. There are some songs in here that I do not like based on lyrics. There are others that I do enjoy. There are different musical tastes out there. So make sure the ones in Everybody Dance align with yours.

Everybody Dance includes multiple difficulties for the forty songs. There is also a full song mode, and a half song mode. As a reviewer I enjoyed the half song mode because I could get a feel for a song and move on. I did try the full song mode - which included some additional dance moves. Two family members can enjoy Everybody Dance locally. There is also an online party mode for twenty people. Photos can be taken, and you can post your favorite moments on Facebook and Twitter.

How does Everybody Dance control? Really well. I tried the various difficulty settings and found that even the most difficult is not completely insane. In other words I was able to do decent on that difficulty. Not as good as I did on the easy but still. The dance moves will help you get some exercise. Everybody Dance is not as intense as some other dance games, but that means more family members can enjoy it. And for longer periods of time.

The main lesson in Everybody Dance is to get off the couch and have some fun. Many of the songs in Everybody Dance will get the person in the flesh and moving to the groove. The lessons inside some of the songs are a different story. For those that want to know Kung Fu Fighting is included in Everybody Dance. Many video games in the music genre have included song. Some people here at Family Friendly Gaming constantly want to play that song.

A lot of people will be wondering about Everybody Dance. How does it stack up to the king of dance games? This may come down to a preference thing. I believe that the Just Dance franchise keeps its crown. Sony did make a very good showing with Everybody Dance. I can see this franchise growing into a real contender in coming years. Especially if they make moves in sequels to include more family members (get it down to an E10+ rating).
- Paul


Graphics: 58%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 81%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: Playstation 3
Publisher: Sony
ating: 'T'
- Teen
{Lyrics, Sexual Themes}

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