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Dungeon Defenders starts off exceptionally well. These heroes have vanquished the evil old ones, and entrapped them into crystals. They go off on a quest, and leave their children behind. Who accidentally knock one off, and have to stop the waves of evil hordes. Why stop them? Because they want to free all the others. Then the game lets you decide if you want to go through the tutorial or not. I suggest you take the tutorial. Those few minutes will fill in some blanks on how to play Dungeon Defenders.

I like how alive the dungeons are in Dungeon Defenders. I had to guess which direction the enemies were coming from. The doors tell how many are coming out in each wave. It does not explain where they will walk though. So I placed some defenses in areas no one would walk without knowing it. Players do not just rely on their defenses though. They get down there and start to hack and slash the hordes of evil. I saw some blood spray, and the female hero could use some more clothes.

The voices in Dungeon Defenders are very powerful. The narrator has a great voice. It was a pleasure to listen to him explain the story. The hacking and slashing special effect sounds get old. I do like some of the other special effect sounds. Like leveling up. That has a wonderful sound. Which reminds me. What is up with those informational screens? I had to get right on top of the TV just to try and read what they said. Even then I had trouble seeing that small text.

Splitting each wave into a planning or strategy section, and a violent action section is a great way of handling the tower defense. Normally when I play other tower defense games I pause it to plan things out. If the game lets me tell it where to build things I will. Dungeon Defenders is designed so we can think about what we want to do. It also puts us right in the middle of the action. The price is a little steep, but there are enough different levels and modes to interest the hardcore gamer.

I have one frustration point with Dungeon Defenders. I would go around collecting these green gems. I would then build a defense. The thing is Dungeon Defenders only let me carry so many green gems at once. So I would build something, run to the next treasure chest, and then build something else. This went on over and over again. Dungeon Defenders would have been better if I could collect everything and the go about building.

At its core Dungeon Defenders is much better as a multiplayer game. As a single player with two to four different paths to protect, I had problems. I could not be everywhere at once. This may just be me though. I found I could harass one side, and go over to the other to harass them. It was not a perfect strategy but one I employed.

I am very surprised that Dungeon Defenders got an 'E10+' rating instead of a 'T' for Teen rating. The violence in Dungeon Defenders is pretty intense. Imagine the worst battle scenes in Lord of the Rings. Then put yourself right inside it. The thing that Dungeon Defenders taught me is to put whatever resources I have available to stop the invading hordes. Then to go out there and stop them. Don't worry about dying either because Dungeon Defenders respawns you in a few seconds.
- Mark

{UPDATE}: The huntress class contains sexual content, and there is a constant disturbing image.


Graphics: 52%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 74%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%
System: Xbox 360/PC/PS3
Publisher: Trendy Entertainment
‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence}

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