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Cubic Ninja





Cubic Ninja 


Ubisoft has been a huge support of the Nintendo 3DS early on. This is something as a video game magazine editor I personally appreciate. They are providing consumers additional reasons to purchase this little hand held system. Cubic Ninja is an interesting game for many reasons. The controls are completely gyroscope. Want your guy to go to the right then tilt to the right. This works fantastically until you have to come towards the screen and go back.

The characters in Cubic Ninja are very blocky. This is by design though. The characters in Cubic Ninja are hip to be square. A few are not completely square but that's okay. I felt like Cubic Ninja was in a hospital or something. The graphics have a very clinical feel to them. Your characters can die in many ways. This leads to them exploding and becoming a bunch of smaller floating blocks.

The music in Cubic Ninja is very subdued. No complaints though because when I discovered something deadly for the first time, the last thing I wanted was some kind of explosive sound to add to my heart attack. The cube characters in Cubic Ninja are the most different ninjas I have ever seen. In fact little about their traversing through these levels felt ninjitsu to me. Or the quest to save the princess. Some of the humor in Cubic Ninja is less than pleasant.

I know that Cubic Ninja has an 'E' for Everyone rating. Something families need to be aware of though is the 7+ recommendation for the 3D effects of the Nintendo 3DS. Ubisoft did something interesting with Cubic Ninja. It rarely uses the 3D effects of this machine. Most of the time that feature is turned off. How could I tell? The light for 3D was off. Certain menu screens use it, and bosses do before you battle them.

There are one hundred tilting, and turning levels in Cubic Ninja. Expect a major challenge with this game. Traps are hidden ingeniously, and you will most likely find them the bad way. Players can also create their own levels in this hand held title and have family members or friends try them out. I feel there is a lot of content in this game. If you can handle the control issues you will get your moneys worth from Cubic Ninja.

Tilting Cubic Ninja works masterfully. If Cubic Ninja had stopped there this game would be a stellar all star. Unfortunately the little square characters can come towards the screen and away. I found myself in all kinds of weird positions playing Cubic Ninja. I was on my back and then rolling around to try and get past certain areas. This facilitated some form of exercise but many times it lead to a headache. Why? Because I was moving the screen in and out of visual range and straining to see the screen.

I learned a few things from Cubic Ninja. First off I never want to be a square. I want to be more versatile. I also learned to avoid spikes, swinging wrecking balls, fire and other hazards. Finally I learned that floating around is pretty cool. I enjoyed that feeling, even if things like walls kept getting in my way. I would like to see sequels if the controls are worked on. Maybe some choices for gamers like using the controls on the machine as an alternate way of playing.
- Paul


Graphics: 78%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 58%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Ubisoft
ESRB Rating: '
E' - Everyone
{Comic Mischief, Crude Humor}

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