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Crazy Escape 


Are you ready for an escape? Are you ready for a really crazy escape? If you are then you will probably enjoy Crazy Escape on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I was blessed with a download code of this app before it went live. I got to take two penguins off roading. There was a point to their driving around too. They were to rescue the sheep from the wolves. Those dirty wolves plan on eating the sheep. Well we get to do something about that.

Crazy Escape is alive with vibrant color. I enjoy driving around the regions collecting the sheep and staying ahead of the leader of the pack. The special items like the stars also stick out visually. Crazy Escape is tricky in a few levels by hiding the keys under the bushes. Those keys unlocked the chained up sheep. One minor complaint on my part is only being allowed to hold one key at a time. It would have been so much better to collect all the keys and then collect all the sheep.

The engine revving sounds fit the theme of Crazy Escape swimmingly. Which is something your penguins can not do. So stay away from bodies of water. The fishing jumping out of them are a nice touch though. The music in Crazy Escape is pleasant and brings something special to this game. In fact almost every aspect of Crazy Escape scream high quality. But what else would we expect from Bulkypix. They have a bookcase filled with hits.

There are ninety-five levels in Crazy Escape in three different regions. The regions are forest, snow, and the plains. I am guessing that Crazy Escape will sell for ninety-nine cents. If that is the case then Crazy Escape will be a good buy. Bulkypix normally releases their games for that price so I have a good chance of being right.

The game play is one of the greatest parts of Crazy Escape, and also one of the most irritating. Using the touch controls players move their vehicle around the area. Avoid hitting trees, buildings, and other large items. Fences can be broken. Don't worry about remembering all this because Crazy Escape will teach it to you. There were times I could not see where I was because my finger was on top of the vehicle. This led to mistakes. Since the leader of the pack wolf was chasing me there was not time to consider a new course of action.

The main lesson in Crazy Escape is to save the sheep from the wolves. Players can come up with their own real life comparisons if they choose. I also learned to think through the shortest path to save the sheep. Crazy Escape is very nice at the start of each level. It gives players as much time as they need to decide how to start a level and where to start it from.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 91%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 83%
Family Friendly Factor: 86%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Bulkypix
ESRB Rating:
‘4+’ - 4+

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