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Cowboys and Aliens The Kids





Cowboys and Aliens The Kids 


Our fearless leader offered the WMG a download code for Cowboys and Aliens The Kids on the iPhone/iPod Touch. This is a children's book based on the Cowboys and Aliens movie. That movie is rated PG-13. Seems strange to have a children's product based on a teenagers and up only franchise.  At least to this reviewer. However that was all put aside and this educational app was worked on.

The graphics have a friendly feel to them. A Cowboy child, an Indian child, and an Alien child (all boys by the way) go off to play with their toys. They have a train, a toy horse, and a space ship. The boys bump into one another and each thinks their toy is best. Cowboys and Aliens The Kids also includes a painting tool so children can paint the various pictures of the book.

The narration in Cowboys and Aliens The Kids is excellent. Chris Adams has a good voice. There are also some little side effect sounds heard on most pages. These little touches improve the quality of the product and bring it up a notch in the grading. The kids learn a valuable lesson - which is sharing. They have more fun sharing their toys than saying what they have is best.

Cowboys and Aliens The Kids costs $4.99 right now. That is around the price of a children's book at Walmart. This digital copy can be read over and over again. Parents can also use it as a coloring book, and record with a microphone. There is a lot in Cowboys and Aliens The Kids. The price just seems a little high to this reviewer in terms of the market place for iTunes apps.

The touch screen controls work generally as one would expect. Some of the buttons are small and close to one another. Children (and adults) would have problems getting the app to read to them. Instead they wound up going back a page. A different layout for those buttons would have helped with that. Other times the first word was read instead of the entire sentence.

The rhyming in Cowboys and Aliens The Kids is fabulous. Each sentence has a rhyme that will stick in the head of any child using this app. As Chris Adams reads Cowboys and Aliens The Kids each word bolds into a bright color. This helps children learn how to read. Cowboys and Aliens The Kids is a cute little app that families can use to assist in that learning how to read process.

Sharing is such an important concept for human beings. One could say children, but there are so many adults who need to learn it as well. The American culture has really lost something as it has attacked the church. Concepts like charity, and sharing are still taught in the church. It is wonderful to see the same concept being taught in a children's book. Yes this is a digital book, so you need the digital device as well.

The one major complaint against Cowboys and Aliens The Kids is it is a short book. There are longer children's books on the market. The talented voice actor is a treat to listen to. This has the WMG pondering other talented voices. When will certain others do a project like this. How long until our fearless leader at Family Friendly Gaming is reading children's books?
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 71%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 68%
Gameplay: 67%
Family Friendly Factor: 74%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: ISBX
ESRB Rating: '4+' - 4+

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