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Bubble Smack 


Bubble Smack! has six orbs on it with different designs. The game lights up one of the orbs and the player has a few short seconds to touch it. Then another one lights up, and the process is repeated. Over and over again this happens until the player levels up. Then the game starts to throw some new tricks at the player. Things like lighting up one, and then moving to another one. Quick reflexes and intense hand eye coordination are needed to succeed in this app.

I need to extremely clear on something. I saw no offensive images while playing Bubble Smack! on the iPhone. My issue with this game is it is difficult to see the lit up orb. It looks more like six marbles, but I am thinking they are supposed to be bubbles. When a lighter object is lit up, well it can be difficult to see it. If you can't see it, then you lose a life. This led to frustration, and trying to find ways to see the graphics better. Like playing in the dark, or tilting the screen at a different angle.

If you are playing Bubble Smack! you will hear nothing. Well that's not entirely true. You will hear your own frustration as you play this game. The game is quiet as a church mouse. I reported this to the editor in chief, and he took the game around to strangers. They all had problems playing this game, and their comments were negative.

If you can keep up, then expect a lot of replay value to this game. I found myself getting tired of the repetitive game action while I was playing Bubble Smack! on the iPhone. Bubble Smack! is only ninety-nine cents so it will not break the bank. I feel there are better apps out there for the same price, but that may be a personal preference thing. I did ask some friends their thoughts, and they were of the negative variety.

The game play in Bubble Smack! drove me bonkers. This game does everything it can to trip the player up. It is a difficult game to begin with so it does not need the help. The further you make it the more irritating it becomes. I am pretty sure that Bubble Smack! sent my blood pressure through the roof. If you like trying to find the lit bubble then you will enjoy Bubble Smack! on the iPhone. If you like ultra difficult games you will enjoy Bubble Smack!

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a code for this review. I have to be honest and say I would not have personally bought this app. Bubble Smack! is an interesting concept that deviates from the Simon Says four colored games. Morally and ethically I find no issues with Bubble Smack! on the iPhone. I would like to see a sequel to this app, especially if different colors are picked for the bubbles. Or maybe a dark background. This concept has potential. A few tweaks could improve it.
- Mark


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 50%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 53%
Family Friendly Factor: 74%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Caimito Ltd
ESRB Rating: '4+' for 4+

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