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Boulder Dash XL 


The Holy Bible teaches us there is nothing new under the sun. Taking a look at the video game industry in recent years reinforces that truth. There have been a rash of older games being brought up to current gaming standards. The most recent example is Boulder Dash XL. Don't get me wrong, I love it when a fun franchise is brought back and given the right treatment. Did Boulder Dash XL get the right treatment? Read my review to find out.

The 3D graphics in Boulder Dash XL are AWESOME! This game looks fantastic. There is a retro mode so you can see how this game looked back in the day. The difference is light and day. The robot characters(Rockford and Crystal) are cute. I found nothing offensive about them at all. I like to see that, because so many companies are making games and have to limit their audience by attire choices. Players can drop boulders on the different creatures. They will explode in a quick puff. You can also die yourself in this manner.

The robotic sounds in Boulder Dash XL fit perfectly. Hearing the three, two, one brought a smile to my face. It also showed me how impatient I am. I wanted to get right back into the action, especially when I made a mistake. The music got my heart beating, and I wanted to grab enough gems to unlock the exit. The final act was to make it to the exit. The different creatures make sounds that warn you of their presence in case you are not paying attention to them visually.

There are one hundred and fifty caves to explore. If that were not enough there are also twenty-five retro caves. The five game modes ("Puzzle”, “Zen”, "Time Challenge”, “Retro” and “Arcade") will keep gamers busy for months. You can compare your scores to others on the leaderboards. Nothing like being in the two hundreds and seeing yourself break into double digits. Boulder Dash XL is selling for 800 Microsoft points (ten dollars). I feel this is a great price for this game, and it is worth it.

I have already mentioned the various modes that will keep you busy while playing Boulder Dash XL. But how does it play? In a word - ingeniously. You can trap yourself under boulders, or send them crashing down on your head. Once you get the physics of Boulder Dash XL you will be flying through levels. Then the game shakes you up by adding locked doors, and keys. Boulder Dash XL will keep players on their toes. I had fun playing Boulder Dash XL.

I learned to avoid obstacles and plot the safest course with Boulder Dash XL. I also learned that digging under boulders is not the wisest course of action. Sometimes I had to do it, and be quick about it. Other times I found the better path was to avoid it altogether. I have to admit I got a sick satisfaction out of squashing bees who got in my way. Most of the time I avoided the creatures - mainly out of time. Boulder Dash XL only gives you so much time to complete each level or your little tin can exploded.
- Sam


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 89%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 92%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%
System: Xbox 360/PC
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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