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Baseball Stars Professional 


Time is not always kind to older games that are ported over to newer systems. Baseball Stars Professional is part of the NEOGEO STATION on the Playstation 3 (PS3). For anyone not versed on video game history, let me give a little lesson. The NEO GEO was the most technologically advanced machine of its time. The games came on huge cartridges (later CD's) that were very expensive. If you wanted the very best then you have to pay a high price for it.

Flash forward to 2010, and these games are coming out on the Playstation 3. The video game industry has progressed quite a bit in 20 years. In some ways I feel really sad for Baseball Stars Professional, because many will squawk about the price, and how the game looks. There are a lot of bright colors in Baseball Stars Professional, but baseball games have come a very long way. Baseball Stars Professional has a cartoonish look to it, and the teams are not of the MLB.

I have to admit the special effect sounds irritated me. Baseball Stars Professional reuses the same sounds over and over again. Twenty years ago I would not have cared or even noticed. But like I said we have progressed as an industry. The music also shows its age in this game. I understand staying true to the game, but at times it made me cry.

There are a fair amount of teams in Baseball Stars Professional, and a couple of different game play modes. Families can find some replay value in the tournaments. The game play can take some getting used to. I would recommend that you check out the game manual before trying to play. The mercy rule will probably kick in before you know what you are doing. I found myself trapped on certain screens after trying to see what different buttons did. I switched pitchers and batters because of this. I had some initial fun playing Baseball Stars Professional, but this game is tough and difficult to beat. Which took away from my fun factor.

Players in Baseball Stars Professional do not exactly display good sportsmanship. In fact most characters throw a tantrum of some sort after striking out. Breaking the bat may be the most humorous but also teaches children the wrong lesson. Baseball Stars Professional is not as strategic as many current baseball games, so expect that to be scaled down from what you have come to know.

I like the idea of bringing older games to a newer audience. I just wish that Baseball Stars Professional was a compilation like Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is. I believe this game would have reviewed a lot higher if it was a part of a major NEO GEO collection. Still it is nice to see older games being brought into this century.
- Frank


Graphics: 76%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 78%
Gameplay: 67%
Family Friendly Factor: 74%
System: Playstation 3
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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