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Bambi Diamond Edition 


Getting to review Blu-rays, and DVDs is one of the amazing things we get to do here at Family Friendly Gaming. I was very excited when I heard about Bambi Diamond Edition. We were provided the Blu-ray + DVD edition. Yes this movie is called Bambi, and it is all about Bambi. But to me Bambi Diamond Edition is more about Thumper. That little rabbit really steals the show in so many ways. That may be personal preference since I had rabbits growing up. It would have been difficult to have a deer as a pet.

The forest comes alive in Bambi Diamond Edition. Visually this movie is a piece of art, and I mean that literally. The different seasons are represented masterfully in Bambi Diamond Edition. The realism of how the animals move is absolutely amazing. There are little details like the rabbits nose that astound me to this day. The artists did their home work before making this film. There are a few moments of peril. A young adult Bambi has to fight another buck. There is also a scene where Bambi fights off dogs, and finally the fire in the forest offers some excitement. The camera does not show anything when Bambi's mother dies which is nice.

The voice acting is super in Bambi Diamond Edition. This is one of the areas where Thumper runs away with the movie. His talent is apparent. The music always fits the theme of the film. The emotion in the various character's voices stands out. This ranges from the care and concern of the mother to the irritation of the owl. The vibrant exploration of life is illustrated perfectly in Bambi Diamond Edition. Man is shown as the bad guy in Bambi Diamond Edition, even though there are numerous dangers in the forest.

I almost feel bad for Disney as they are always trying to find something new to show us in the special features. They are constantly showing us never before seen images, footages, etc. I can almost see someone stressing out trying to find something new that the public has not seen before. Some of the bonus features in Bambi Diamond Edition are deleted scenes, a deleted song, an Introduction, galleries, a game, and Inside Walt's Story Meetings. This is the Bambi version to own for fans of the franchise.

The level of emotion is very high in Bambi Diamond Edition. We feel for him during the winter, and when his mother dies. We see the eyes of wonder and amazement as he explores his world. Bambi Diamond Edition takes us along for a ride that reminds us of the various stages of life. Bambi Diamond Edition deals with birth, death, love, and surviving. The strength to continue on after a loved one dies is shown. His father is a powerful and loving character which in some ways remind me of our Heavenly Father.

Man is shown as the bad guy in Bambi Diamond Edition. To the animals in the forest we would be, so it depends on perspective. It would have been interesting if other dangers of the forest had been shown. Kids love the animals in Bambi Diamond Edition, and many of us adults do as well. The life lessons in Bambi Diamond Edition are there. What you do with them are up to you. The most astounding thing about Bambi is how long ago it was made. It has become a known foundation of Disney, but was not a huge success when it was released. That is one of the interesting things to me.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Disney
Rating: 'G' for General Audiences

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