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Bit.trip Flux is the last game in the series. Gaijin Games has gone back to the beginning with Bit.trip Flux. This Wii downloadable video game will immediately remind gamers of Pong. Bit.trip Flux has a twist though. Your paddle must knock all these balls back the other direction. Wait a minute, that still sounds like Pong. Well there is not another paddle and the game can send an insane amount of balls at you. And not everything that comes your way is a ball.

The images in Bit.trip Flux are wild, crazy, and insane. An amazing amount of things are happening in the background. This is done to distract the player, especially ones distracted by bright lights, and shiny objects. Please do not get the wrong idea because I did not find any offensive images while playing Bit.trip Flux. The trip part of the game name is earned. The doctor says my retina will heal in a few days.

The music in Bit.trip Flux is pumping, and thumping. You know it is kind of a shame this is the last game in the series because it has been unique. I noticed the beats in Bit.trip Flux match the balls as they hit the players paddle. This takes some talent my friends. I know I am not capable of such a feat. Not everyone is going to enjoy the techno sounds in Bit.trip Flux.

Bit.trip Flux is a difficult game. I had to replay levels many times before defeating them. Some of them felt nearly impossible. Family Friendly Gaming was gifted a copy of Bit.trip Flux. It sales for eight dollars, and I feel retro gamers will find their 800 points well spent on Bit.trip Flux. Only if you are willing to accept a challenge. Don't believe me if you want to, but you will not beat this Wii game in one night.

The controls are okay in Bit.trip Flux. The difficulty of this game is why I give it an average rating. I became frustrated during my time with Bit.trip Flux, and know others did as well. There was a feeling of accomplishment when I finally did beat that level, but the frustrating times were more often than the happy times. Bit.trip Flux is still a real piece of art, and I like how they kept it family friendly.

What a nice transition huh? If you have problems with getting angry, then you will probably want to pass on Bit.trip Flux. It can increase your blood pressure. I learned to concentrate on certain things, and shut out distractions. Is that a good lesson or a bad lesson? It depends who you ask. It also depends on what you focus on, and what you define as a distraction. I also learned to move to the ball at precisely the right moment. Enjoy Bit.trip Flux as it will soon be resting in video game history.
- Luke


Graphics: 83%
Sound: 77%
Replay/Extras: 83%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Wii
Publisher: Aksys Games
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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