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Arctic Escape 


When we received a downloadable code for Arctic Escape I was not thrilled. I thought here we go - another game on the iPhone/iPod Touch that will be average. Another app based on the winter wonderland. Another app with penguins. Then I started playing Arctic Escape. I was impressed, but started to nitpick a few things here and there. The final stage I found myself at was genuinely enjoying Arctic Escape.

Too many games that revolve around snow have the white out problem. Meaning there is not a lot of variety in the graphics. How many kinds of white can we actually look at? Arctic Escape solves this by adding trees, water, and rocks. Yes I was playing an icy game, but I never felt like I was looking at a polar bear in a blizzard. The artistic nature of this game is also interesting. Teyon's take on penguins is unique.

The music in Arctic Escape is fantastic. It is upbeat, and fun. I really enjoy the little sound effects in this game. They bring a smile to my face. The penguins have some character and this is imparted in the audio department as well as the visual department. The goal of this game is to get as many penguins as possible to safety. Predators, holes, traps and more will stop the little critters.

Arctic Escape includes over one hundred levels. All for one penny shy of a dollar. That is some mega value in my opinion. I feel that Arctic Escape is worth the money. In fact they could double the price and I would feel it was worth it. I expect Arctic Escape to go viral quickly. The learning curve in this game is at the right level for all ages of the family.

It is a crowded field in the puzzle game genre. Arctic Escape sets itself apart in a few ways. The penguins are walking around and the player must direct them with arrows. The only game I have played like this before was Rubik's World. And we liked that game here at Family Friendly Gaming. I thought the graphics were small, and was making mistakes in placement of the arrows when I started Arctic Escape. Then it hit me like a piano - use that pinch method. So I zoomed in, and the game play improved drastically.

The various arrows, and button controls work masterfully in Arctic Escape. I hope this game gets sequels in the future. I can see this game working on other systems as well. I learned the best way to play Arctic Escape was to work my way from the end to the beginning. It can be done the other way, but that was not always as productive. I also learned to adapt to what happened on the screen. There were times I thought it would work one way, but it unrolled a little bit different. So I had to be flexible in terms of finding a new solution.

Arctic Escape is a great little app for families. The youngest members of the family may need assistance in figuring out how to play it. However once they catch on, they will love it. It was a real joy for me to play and review Arctic Escape. It reminds me that first impressions and thoughts are not always accurate.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 99%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 87%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Teyon
ESRB Rating: '4+' for 4+

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