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3D Twist and Match 


Every single time I think about 3D Twist & Match, I want to call it 3D Twist & Shout. Hopefully some day I can get past that. Anyways this little app has players twisting and rotating objects to match the shadow on the background. Sounds easy right? *cough* Well then come on in because the water is fine. 3D Twist & Match includes some challenges that stumped me while I was playing it. It was not all the time either. But more on that in a few words.

The ten themes in 3D Twist & Match are very colorful. The ten themes are Beach, Halloween, Christmas, Jungle, Food, Vehicles, Tools, Music, Sport, and Electronics. I have my favorites, and could have done without one of them. The thing is different people have different preferences. So check it out for yourself and make an informed decision.

The music in 3D Twist & Match is fun, upbeat, happy, and entertaining. I loved matching an object and getting that little celebration sound. The faster I matched, the louder that sound became. The music has a bit of a techno kind of sound to it which surprisingly fits the theme of this game masterfully. I did notice different areas had different sound tracks.

3D Twist & Match includes over two hundred objects to match, three difficulty settings, and trophies to unlock. Only one player can enjoy this game at a time, but this is the kind of an app that you will want to share. We were provided a copy of this ninety-nine cent app. I do believe this is worth the price of admission and using 3D Twist & Match as a learning tool for my children now.

Object are rotated via two different kind of movements. One rotates in a circle, and the other sort of rolls the object either up and down or left and right. The controls are simple, and once you master them you will be rolling. I had a few problems every ten or so objects getting it to match the shadow. Bear in mind it did not match the shadow. I was having problems figuring out the right combination to get it there.

3D Twist & Match teaches us how to visually see something, and then compute (editor: in our brains) the right movements to make it match. Some may be scoffing, or making fun of this game, but I challenge you to try it before you laugh at it. I am guessing you will find that you are not as good as you think you are. I appreciate Bulkypix publishing this game. The only issue families may have is some of the objects used in the Halloween area.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Bulkypix
ESRB Rating: '4+' for 4+ 

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