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Ys Seven 


There are few role playing game franchises that I personally enjoy. Ys and Mega Man Battle Network are the two that comes to mind. Neither is perfect, but both are generally safer for families than the other franchises that are being sold. I also have quite a bit of history with the Ys franchise. I fondly remember this franchise all the way back on the Turboduo. I like Ys way better than the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest franchises. I know, I have offended who knows how many millions of worshipers of those franchises. But I gotta be me, and that is how I feel. Adol Christin is back, along with his companion Dogi. My kids got a real kick out of that name.

Ys Seven has some great artwork, and fantastic color schemes. There are various locations in Ys Seven. Expect the standard earth, wind, fire, and sea. The moon section is a nice element added. Players spend most of their time hacking and slashing through the enemies. Most of the time this monotonous activity sends me to go take a nap. For some reason it did not get old in Ys Seven. I believe that is because how quickly combat is over with (except bosses), and how quickly leveling up occurs. There are female characters who are not familiar with terms like modesty in terms of their attire. Thankfully there are many more female characters who are mature in this area. The inside case art work is something I could have done without as well.

The music in Ys Seven is awe inspiring. I just love listening to this game. This franchise has been known for fantastic music, and Ys Seven is worthy of the franchise. Swapping characters gives a little sound byte, so Falcom did not skimp in this area. Ys Seven definitely earns its 'T' for Teen rating in terms of dialogue. There is bad language in this game. I was pleasantly surprised to note how many different times bad language was averted. There were times the game cut a character off right before they would say something profane. I appreciated seeing that, and feel it is a step in the right direction.

Ys Seven contains a synthesizing system that will interest hardcore gamers. There are various kinds of items that can be found all over the world. Collecting them is key to not only side quests, but also in creating new items. Ys Seven includes a nice array of weapons and armors for the various characters that will be in your party. There are extra difficult bosses in Ys Seven that require a lot of skill and leveling up to defeat. Family Friendly Gaming was given a reviewable copy of Ys Seven. With that said I do feel that this game is worth the money for Ys fanboys, as well as teenagers and adults that enjoy some action adventure role playing gaming.

There is one aspect of Ys Seven that shocked me. That is how intelligent the players companions are. Players control one of three characters (most of the time) that have different strengths. One is good against tough enemies, another against flying enemies, and Adol is great against the softer or normal monsters. I would kill a monster (that looked like an animal), and they would quickly collect the money and materials that came from the dead bad guy. The fact that they do that is one of the coolest things I have seen in a video game in a long time. This saved me time, and allowed me to appreciate the level design. The various maps in Ys Seven are very well thought out. I enjoyed the dungeons, and could almost feel when the boss was coming up.

Ys Seven has a lot of talk about different gods these people worship. As well as gods they have ignore for two hundred years. Ys Seven directly ties the lack of worship to the lack of strength of these elemental deities. Adol is an adventurer who gets dragged into helping these people restore balance to their land. The main lesson I got out of Ys Seven is to have a balance between worship and commercialism. Others may walk away with different lessons. Players get to perform many good deeds throughout the course of this Playstation Portable (PSP) game. I hope this franchise continues to improve in future releases.
- Paul


Graphics: 59%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 78%
Gameplay: 76%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%
System: Playstation Portable
Publisher: XSeed Games
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language}

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