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Xing Chess 


Xing Chess may be the most difficult chess game I have ever played. This Personal Computer (PC) game dissected me on the easiest setting. Xing Chess made me realize how low my skills in chess really are. It was a very humbling experience for me. Which I am okay with. The system requirements for this PC game are Windows XP/Vista/7, 500 Mhz CPU, and 28 MB RAM. One of the really neat things about Xing Chess is how quickly a game can be started. In fact the menu screens were kept light so players can get right into the action. Which may not seem like it fits the theme of a thinking game like chess, but I appreciated it. I also like how clean the content is. There are a lot of chess games on the market with violent content in them.

The visuals in Xing Chess are very crisp and clean. Like I previously mentioned there is no violent content. I have always wondered why games like Battle Chess thought it was a good idea to have characters killing one another. So I appreciate that. With that said there is not a lot of diversity in the graphics. Some different boards, and styles for the piece would have been really neat.

The music in Xing Chess is nice and relaxing. At times I was not even aware of the music. Some special effect sounds when I was being threatened, and check mated would have been a welcome addition. Along with some various different kinds of music would have gone a long way.

Did I mention Xing Chess is a difficult chess game? It is. It really, really is. You will have to replay multiple times to win. I like being able to restart games quickly. Family members can play one another with Xing Chess. Personally I prefer being able to pick up and move the pieces. I did not run across a lot of unlockable content but that is okay.

The controls in Xing Chess are okay. Be sure to pay attention to which space is being highlighted. I wound up making a few mistakes in Xing Chess because I thought I was moving into one space, and wound up moving into another one. I would have loved some kind of a teaching mode where this game would teach me how to play chess better. I rarely had fun with Xing Chess, but that is because I had so many problems winning.

Xing Chess is safe for the entire family. I really appreciate a clean chess game, and feel Xing Interactive can build upon this game with sequels. If you are looking for a challenging chess game, then you need to purchase Xing Chess. This PC game teaches us how to analyze situations and think through our decisions.
- Mark


Graphics: 73%
Sound: 72%
Replay/Extras: 83%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Xing Interactive
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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