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When in Rome 


When in Rome is a cute little movie with quite a few hilarious twists. Beth (played by Kristen Bell) is work obsessed, and unlucky when it comes to love. She winds up at her baby sister's wedding in Rome. She starts to believe again, only to have her heart crushed. She wades into a fountain of love where there are numerous coins. She takes five of them, only to find out the five men who threw them in are completely in love with her. The love is of course magical, and she realizes how annoying it is to have these men constantly interrupting life.

Visually speaking there are some highs and lows in When in Rome. There is some fantastic scenery, and beautiful artwork. There is some odd artwork but I suppose that is in the eye of the beholder. At the wedding and reception she is wearing a revealing dress. There is also a mural of her naked on a wall thanks to one of her spellbound suitors. There is a short scene of her sister and her husband cooking with very little on. There are also some men showing off their shirtless upper bodies.

I enjoyed the humor in When in Rome. Much of it is more adult in nature, so kids will not find it funny. There is some great gags like the little car, and the comments of the various characters. The music is decent in When in Rome. Only one song stuck out from this film and that was when Nick's cell phone goes off. Those of us familiar with 80's hair bands immediately recognized the song.

Family Friendly Gaming was blessed with the Blu-ray version of When in Rome, which is stuffed with bonus features. The alternate opening and ending are very interesting. I am so glad they went with what they went with though. There are music videos, bloopers, deleted scenes, mischief on the set and more. I spent a lot of time going through the extras and enjoying them almost as much as I enjoyed the movie.

When in Rome has some interesting twists to it. I was surprised by some of the ways the plot snaked around. My husband predicted many of the spoilers, but very little seems to surprise him anymore. The menu screens are easy to use, and I enjoyed navigating them. I had fun watching this movie, as did my hubby. I would advise parents to stick to the rating. There is a lot of sexual chasing content in When in Rome.

I picked up two major lessons from When in Rome. First off, believe in love. The second is family is more important than work. Both of these lessons are well received here at Family Friendly Gaming. The acting in this movie is done extremely well. The whole magic element is never explained, which works for me. I do not want to spoil any part of the ending for you, but it is worth it.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 93%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 83%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures
Rating: 'PG-13' for Parents Strongly Cautioned
{For Some Suggestive Content and language}

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