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Verse Buster II 


Verse Buster II is a Bible based puzzle and trivia game for the Personal Computer. For those who are familiar with the classic children’s game Hangman, then you will have no problem jumping right into Verse Buster II. The concept is the same, as players guess letters to fill in the blanks in order to solve Bible verses. The difference from the original Hangman format is that players have to answer trivia questions to unlock certain letters (decided at random). There are 20 Bible verse puzzles to solve, and each one is accompanied by a puzzle of a photograph that is completed as the player gets correct letters.

Verse Buster II has 4 game modes: Puzzle, Trivia Battle, Time Challenge and Random Puzzle Mode. The Puzzle mode is pretty much straight forward. The player is given 3 minutes to complete the puzzle. When given a trivia question, the player has 4 answers to choose from. If 3 wrong answers are given, then the game is over. Trivia Battle can be played against the computer or other players. Trivia questions are given and the player must answer in a certain time, or “challenge” the other player to answer the question. Time Challenge is simply trying to beat the best time that a particular puzzle has been solved. Finally, the Random Puzzle mode allows the computer the pick a random completed puzzle for solving.

The game boast 200 trivia questions that will test your Bible knowledge. Some of the questions are very difficult, while others are almost too easy. The issue I had with the trivia questions is that they are so random. I recommend having a Bible handy in order to get through the questions, as each question has the verse reference. Since each question is given a time limit, younger gamers may find it frustrating and difficult to find the answers before running out of time.

During one puzzle there were two separate questions that each repeated. It was not after playing the game for hours, this happened on only my second puzzle. This happened a couple of times, so players should not be surprised when they start seeing repetitive questions. Perhaps something DMC Unlimited can consider in future installments on Verse Buster would be the option to solve the puzzle without having to enter all the letters. Currently, each letter has to be clicked and added to the verse, even once the player knows what it is.

All in all, Verse Buster II is a good way to help gamers study the Bible and learn verses. I look forward to seeing some improvements to the future installments of the game.
-   Alan


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 78%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 99%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: DMC Unlimited
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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