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Toy Story 3 


Can anything ever be as good as the original? In the case of Toy Story 3, the answer is yes. The exploration of this film is amazing. I had not expected this kind of deep story that brought a tear to my eye. I also felt this movie was over in a couple of places, and I was good with that. I will not spoil the final ending of Toy Story 3, but I will you tell you this - I did not see it coming. Which is something that makes Toy Story 3 better than the other two.

The emotion of the toys in Toy Story 3 is awe inspiring. They convey so much emotionally that I found myself digesting content hours later. The humor in Toy Story 3 is fantastic, and surpasses the original. It is not just me, children really love this movie as well. A few toys wind up in situations of peril, and at one point I thought a certain toy was dead. Kind of funny how I attributed life to an inanimate object. Technically Pixar did, and they made me believe it.

There are some new voices that join the all-star cast in Toy Story 3. All of them do a fantastic job. The music fits the theme of the movie, and relays a lot of emotion. The various characters add to the visual emotions as well. There was one point where one of the characters uses a few words we tell our children not to use (i.e. idiot). This was one outburst, and many will miss it. Themes of staying together, and rejecting selfishness flow freely in Toy Story 3.

Disney was kind enough to provide Family Friendly Gaming with the two disc blu-ray, plus DVD, plus digital copy version of Toy Story 3. Buzz Lightyear mission logs, Day & Night, Toy Story Trivia Dash, Bonnie's Playtime, Paths to Pixar, Roundin' Up A Western Opening are a few of the extras on these discs. Many of these are education, enlightening, and interesting. The Day & Night animated short was very creative. I did have to explain to my children why one of the characters whistled at a woman sunbathing in a bikini. Toy Story 3 is an adventure that the entire family can enjoy. If you have children you will be enjoying it over and over again - trust me.

The menu screens are very easy to navigate. I ran into no issues there. In fact I like the layout used in Toy Story 3. The story in Toy Story 3 actually brought a few tears to my eyes. Yes a big, rough, and tough man like me is mature enough to admit that. If you have not seen this movie, then I refuse to spoil the ending. If you have then you should be able to comprehend why Toy Story 3 is so touching. I loved the preview for Cars 2, and Mater's Tall Tales. I have been looking forward to both for so many years now. If Pixar can come up with another wonderful script for Toy Story, then I would enjoy a sequel. For now, Toy Story 3 makes me think of my own childhood, and what I did with my toys.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 91%
Family Friendly Factor: 91%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Disney
Rating: 'G' for General Audiences

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