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The Last Song





The Last Song 


I have been anticipating The Last Song for some time now. Our friends over at Disney were kind enough to send us a reviewable Blu-ray + DVD 2 disc combo pack. I had seen previews and that was all I knew about this movie. The Last Song is a coming of age movie about a daughter who spends the summer with her father. Her parents are divorced and she is not exactly up on the idea of spending time with her dad. There are some major surprises in this movie and I am going to do my best to keep any spoilers out of my review. After watching the movie some of my cryptic comments will make more sense.

The ocean scenery is breath taking in The Last Song. Miley Cyrus spends much of the movie in very appropriate attire. There are some points where she is accentuating her femininity. There is also a violent scene in The Last Song that is a plot turning point. Love is expressed in the way of hugs and kisses in The Last Song. There is a dirty scene in this movie in the way of a mud fight. This was in no way sexual though.

The Last Song contains some beautiful music in it. The piano playing in various parts is very inspiring. I like how Miley Cyrus did not do a lot of singing in The Last Song. It is nice to see a musician do a film and work on the acting portion, and not become one dimensional. There are some language and attitude issues in The Last Song, especially in the beginning. The theme of love, and forgiveness do come through loud and clear though. Learning to forgive ones we love is a concept this movie teaches.

There are some fun bonuses on the discs of The Last Song. An alternate opening sequence, deleted scenes, go behind the scenes tour, music video, making of the music video, and an audio commentary. I really enjoyed the music video of "When I Look At You." I have already watched The Last Song a couple of times, and believe it will be one I want to see numerous times.

The Last Song is all about life and love. Life has a way of happening, and there is nothing you can ever do to stop it. The Last Song made me think about God's timing in all things. Forgiveness is such an important lesson viewers can pick up from The Last Song. Do you want to live with regrets or try and make things right? The menu screens are laid out in a way that makes them easy to use. The Last Song brought out a wide range of emotions from me in various sections.

I really like movies that feel like real life. The Last Song fits into that category with ease. Nicholas Sparks knows what he is doing with a story. Families can talk about quite a few different topics after watching The Last Song. I had to keep explaining to my kids that The Last Song had nothing to do with Hannah Montana. Getting across the concept that Miley can act in different roles is one they are still warming up to. She does a very good job with this film as do the other actors and actresses. I will be recommending The Last Song to friends, family, and pastors that I know. The Last Song will touch your heart in ways you can not imagine - at least until you have seen it.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 87%
Gameplay: 97%
Family Friendly Factor: 94%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Touchstone Home Entertainment
Rating: 'PG' for Parental Guidance Suggested
{For Thematic Material, Some Violence, Sensuality, and Mild Language}

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