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Tetris Party Deluxe


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Tetris Party Deluxe 


Tetris Party Deluxe impressed me right from the start. This Wii game is the first Tetris game I have played in years that reminds me of the original game. That is not saying any of the other Tetris iterations were bad. None of them had the exact feel of the original to me. Then there are plenty of other modes that will keep family members busy for months.

Tetris has its roots in Russia, and I felt that as I started to play Tetris Party Deluxe. The graphics in Tetris Party Deluxe are very colorful. All of the blocks have classic colors that add to the original feel. There are various background images that are nice to look at, but are never distracting. I did not find any offensive images while playing Tetris Party Deluxe on the Wii. The ghost image of where the block is going to land is a very neat tool.

The music in Tetris Party Deluxe also made me think of Russia. The hypnotic sounds encouraged me to do better. The special effect sounds fit the theme of this Wii game in a way that made me want to keep playing. I did not find any offensive sounds while playing Tetris Party Deluxe. The music brought joy to my life and everyone else who was playing with me.

Four family members can enjoy Tetris Party Deluxe at the same time. If you get tired of playing locally you can get with people all over the world with an internet connection. Tetris Online included a wide array of different modes. Tetris Party Deluxe is one of those home console games that will last for years. The only concern I can see is addiction. If you have problems with addiction then please be careful with Tetris Party Deluxe.

Tetris online could have gone the easy route with controls on the Wii Remote only. Instead they included classic controller, and Balance Board. The more options for controls the better in my opinion. Tetris Party Deluxe has exceptional controls. I ran into no issues while playing this Wii puzzle game. I love how Tetris Party Deluxe let me make moves after other Tetris games would have stopped me.

Families can enjoy Tetris Party Deluxe without having to worry about offensive content. The only concern families may run into is with Wii Speak. Make sure you know who your kids are playing against. I like how Tetris Party Deluxe goes to the roots of the franchise. There are so many things done right in Tetris Party Deluxe that I would love to see sequels to the franchise. I will be recommending Tetris Party Deluxe to family, friends and pastors I personally know.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 99%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 99%
System: Wii
Publisher: Tetris Online
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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