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Reload is the best gun training video game I have ever played. Targets pop up, and the player must shoot them. The closer to the head or heart you hit the target the higher your score. Some of our readers may be asking who needs gun training? After all the majority of the deeply sloped media is on a lengthy rampage against guns. The military, police, and hunters all need this important training. Reload can help with quickly identifying the difference between a terrorist and a hostage.

Family Friendly Gaming was provided the Personal Computer (PC) version of Reload. The graphics are very realistic. The guns, the arms holding the guns, and the targets. The diversity of the targets is also amazing. The background graphics are fantastic, and also exhibit a lot of diversity. We are shooting guns, and at targets. I suppose that is why the ESRB hit this game with a 'T' for Teen rating. I find that a little harsh, and probably politically motivated.

The gun sounds in Reload are very realistic. I have hunted for many years now, and have a good ear for the various gun shot noises. Reload is very authentic. The voice that explains things is encouraging, and fits this franchise very well. I found no offensive sounds while I was playing Reload. In fact the sounds in this game are music to my ears.

Reload contains over 120 medals, leaderboards, rankings, over twenty-five real world weapons, over thirty-five scenarios, and up to four players can enjoy this game at the same time. Reload is a game that can be played for months to come. The better you get, the higher your score, and that will help you in the real world.

The realism continues in the game play section for Reload. The breathing of your character will affect your shots. Guns will recoil after they are shot, and adjustments have to be made. There is a timer in this game so players can not take all day with their shots. I wish there had been some wiggle room in that personally. I also had problems figuring out how to reload between waves, but eventually got that going. Reloading takes away precious seconds while hitting targets. Hence my request for some wiggle room in that timer.

I remember the days when every house hold had a gun, and gun safety was a part of upbringing children. Radicals have been attacking the tool for many years now. It is a shame because they do not attack things like cars which can be used to hurt someone. I see gun training as an important tool for families. I do understand that there are those that disagree with that traditional position. I also believe that Reload is not for everyone out there. If you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others, then you do not need training on how to shoot better. Get your mind right first. I hope to see sequels to Reload in the future.
- Kimp


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Wii/Personal Computer
Publisher: Mastiff
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Mild Violence}

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